Going Deep for the Dallas Cowboys This Week: Part 1

John B. HaffordContributor IOctober 24, 2011

Tony Romo and Tom Brady
Tony Romo and Tom BradyJim Rogash/Getty Images

Under 20 seconds left in the game at New England, Tony Romo did NOT cough up an interception but, rather, the ball was intercepted by a determined and speedy Patriots Corner. It was Tashard Choice who coughed up the fur ball on his return.

Regardless of the Lions and the Jets, Tony Romo has been tight and disciplined and the defense is well on their way to returning to the Doomsday Defense. Remember, when the Cowboys were rebuilding with Aikman, Irvin, and Smith in '91 and '92, they had their share of mishaps and a few early losses.

This team is now turning the corner in the right direction. Forget about Bradie James saying this team is old. Darren Woodson played for the Cowboys for 12 years. He has three Super Bowl rings to show for it. Unfortunately, he also has a herniated disc to show for his body of work.

Now is the time to be optimistic and philosophical about the Cowboys.

Tony Romo is dissed so much because he plays for the Cowboys. Aikman was dissed too.  Remember how all his detractors piled on top of him because he couldn't run the ball like Steve Young? Romo runs like Young, Staubach and Elway. 

If Romo is like any those greats, it's Elway he resembles most. Elway was in the game ever since the Earth cooled. The league watched him age with every passing Super Bowl-less season.

Then Denver's head office hired the right coach and drafted the right running back and built fearless and peerless defense. Then mister Elway won two consecutive Super Bowls. This is what is happening in Dallas.

Tony Romo's statement that Dallas will win the Super Bowl again someday is not as weak a statement as some have iterated. Elway could have made that same statement about Denver's Super Bowl future. The one difference between the teams—not Romo and Elway, but Dallas and Denver—is that Denver kept going to the playoffs. The Bronco's were consistently knocking on the door of the big dance because they had the defense to get them that far. Now, so does Dallas and Dallas will make the playoffs this year.

Let's be real here: Tom Brady is hated because he plays for a championship team like Tony Romo is hated because he plays for a team that has been called "America's Team." If Aaron Rodgers played for Dallas, I guarantee you that he would be just as despised.

Dallas had the opportunity to turn New England on it's ear. But, Dallas lost. However, in that loss, the Dallas D brought Brady down to Earth many times, and made a convincing statement that Dallas is on the way up.  It made me pity the hapless Rams.