Top 10 NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

Ryan CallahanAnalyst IDecember 6, 2008

Before the NFL changed its name from the National Football League to the No Fun League, we all had fun watching players celebrate after scoring touchdowns. Of course, there are the legendary Lambeau Leap and Deion Sanders' High-Step.

But neither of those equal the creativity of some of the one-of-a-kind celebrations we have seen recently. The two keys in a great celebration are creativity and execution.


10. Tiger Woods, Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson grabbed the touchdown pylon and used it as a putter, tapping the football for a birdie.


9. NFL Don't Fine Me Sign, Chad Johnson

In 2003, the NFL started handing out fines all over to players who did anything more than place the ball in the ref's hand after scoring a touchdown. In response, Chad Johnson scored a touchdown and pulled a sign out saying, "Please NFL, don't fine me again. Chad Johnson. PS - Merry Christmas".


8. Santa Claus, Chad Johnson

After scoring a touchdown, the infamous Chad Johnson pulled out a sack of autographed jerseys and handed them out to fans. Once again, he was fined for the stunt.


7. Babysitter Steve, Steve Smith

Back in 2005, Steve Smith of the Panthers scored a touchdown and pulled out a little towel. He wiped the back of the ball, burped it, and then put it down for a nap.


6. Spike on the Star, Terrell Owens

In a game against Dallas back when TO was with the 49ers, Owens was having a huge game. After both of his touchdowns, he ran to the middle of the field on the Cowboys' star. The second time he spiked the ball on the star. This resulted in him being leveled by Cowboys' safety George Teague, a $24,000 fine, and a one-week suspension.


5. Moss Moons the Crowd, Randy Moss

When Randy Moss was still on the Vikings, they were handing the Packers a beatdown in Lambeau. After Moss scored his second touchdown of the game, he pretended to pull down his pants and moon the crowd. After the moon, he used the end zone uprights as toilet paper.


4. Hall of Fame Class of 20??, Chad Johnson

In the first Monday Night Football game of the 2007 season, Chad Johnson scored a touchdown and immediately ran over to put on a jacket. On the back it said "Hall of Fame Class of 20??".


3. Proposal, Chad Johnson

After reaching the end zone against the Colts in 2005, Chad Johnson ran over to the nearest cheerleader and proposed to her. The cheerleader accepted Johnson's mock proposal even though he did not even know her name.


2. Autographed Ball, Terrell Owens

Back with the 49ers in 2002, TO scored a touchdown against the Seahawks. Owens pulled out a Sharpie marker he had stashed in his sock and autographed the ball. He then handed it to his agent, who was sitting in the end zone seats. The agent just happened also be the agent of the corner back Owens beat on the play.


1. Phone Home, Joe Horn

After scoring a touchdown against the the New York Giants in 2003, New Orleans Saints' wide receiver Joe Horn pulled out a cell phone a teammate had stashed underneath the padding on the uprights. Horn called his mom and was fined $30,000 by the NFL.