UEFA Champions League: CSKA Moscow Shuts out Trabzonspor

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IOctober 18, 2011

CSKA Moscow
CSKA MoscowDmitry Korotayev/Getty Images

CSKA Moscow surprised everyone in their Group B UEFA Champions League match by shutting out Trabzonspor. The news was reported in the UEFA.com and Goal.com website.

The match began with a lot of fanfare, but with both teams attempting to obtain possession of the ball. CSKA Moscow and Trabzonspor were unable to translate their play into goals until 29 minutes into the match.

Seidou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow) scored the first goal of the match, with an assist from Vagner Love. Vagner Love was able to take the ball with his back to the goal post and send it to Doumbia, who scored.

Doumbia was not content with the first goal, and the same applied to CSKA Moscow supporters in the match. Doumbia kicked the ball to Vagner Love, who did the same to Aleksandrs Cauna.

Cauna then kicked the ball which went past Tolga Zengin (Trabzonspor goalkeeper) in order to score the second goal within 76 minutes. The goal galvanized CSKA Moscow and their supporters into action and the desire for more goals.

Doumbia did not deceive his public, and proceeded to kick the ball from a distance. The ball went past a surprised Zengin, and the result was the third goal for CSKA Moscow.

The recipients of the yellow cards for both teams were Glowacki, Zokora and Golman from Trobzonspor. CSKA Moscow is currently in first place in Group B of the UEFA Champions League, with four points.

CSKA Moscow 3-0 Trobzonspor

Olimpiyskiy Stadion Luzhniki Moscow, Russia

18,000 Attending

Referee: M. Clattenberg

Most Valued Player of the Match: Seydou Doumbia