TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for the 10/20/11 Show: TNA Under New Management

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 19, 2011

Spoilers follow; if you don't want to read the spoilers, please close this article now!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Once again it's time to look at the TNA spoilers this week. It's been a long time since I've done an article posting the spoilers, been a little busy, but now I'm back.

This week's episode is following what I felt was an interesting, if slightly disappointing, Bound For Glory pay-per-view (you can read my review here). So now that Hogan and Immortal are no longer in charge of TNA, and Kurt Angle is still your champion, let's see where we go from here.

As always the spoilers will be first, matches in bold, and my thoughts and reactions to the spoilers will be posted below.

Thanks to my pal Eric who was at the taping to send me the spoilers.

The show opened with a segment where Dixie, Hogan, and Sting announce that they now have control over TNA. Hogan gives a speech about why he turned face at the PPV and thanks the fans and leaves. Dixie asks Sting to help her run the company and he agrees.

Angle comes out and says he doesn't like this change in management, Roode emerges and says he got screwed and demands a rematch, Angle says that there's some sort of clause in someones contract that says that Roode can only have one match for the title.

James Storm then comes out and says he wants to have the match for his partner. Sting then makes the match the main event of the night.

Match #1: Brooke Tessmacher & Tara defeated Winter & Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles.

After the match, Jeff and Karen Jarrett make their way to the ring and Jeff says that he will take care of his Hardy problem tonight, which leads to Jeff Hardy coming out of the locker room. Jarrett tells Hardy that he is an embarrassment to the company and that he should leave the ring, which leads to them brawling–similar to their brawl at the PPV.

Jarrett gives Hardy a low blow and throws him out of the ring before waving him goodbye and kissing his wife in the ring.

Match 2: Abyss defeated Gunner via countout

Gunner left the ring after Abyss gained the upper hand.

Next, new TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky came to the ring and had a segment with Karen Jarrett about her win at the PPV. This lead to Madison Rayne coming down the ramp and arguing with Velvet until Gail Kim makes her return by running out of the crowd and beating down Velvet with Madison. Kim, Jarrett and Madison all leave the ring together.

Eric Bischoff and Immortal are in the ring next, and they call out Hogan. Bischoff tells Hogan that without him his career would have died in the '80's because no one cared about Hogan or Hulk-A-Mania anymore. He then slaps Hogan in the face, but Hogan "countered by no selling the slap like Road Warrior Hawk and gives Bischoff the Finger Poke of Doom, which leads to Immoral attempting to jump Hogan." (Eric's exact way of describing what he saw).

Sting then runs down to make the save with two baseball bats, one for him and one for Hogan, and they chase Immortal away. As Immortal runs away they run into referee Jackson James, Bischoff's son, who, after being yelled at by his dad for a few moments, knocks him out with a solid right hook. Immortal leaves as they are chased out by James and the bat-wielding Hogan and Sting. 

Match 3: James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with a Last Call Superkick

Apparently, this match lasted less then 5 minutes from what I was told.

The show ends with Storm, Roode, AJ, and Kaz celebrating in the ring.

That is the end of the spoilers, now here are my thoughts.

Look, I am probably one of the biggest fans of James Storm you're going to find. I actually think he is better in the ring and on the mic then Robert Roode but riddle me this TNA: why have Roode with the BFG Series, beat Storm and the other members of Fortune, build him up, only to have him lose to Angle at the PPV and then give the belt away in a 3 minute match on free TV next week? Why?

I am glad Storm is the champ, really, but did Hogan's comments that Roode might not be ready carry such weight that you had to do this?

Personally, I don't get it at all and think it virtually makes the BFG Series and all the time that TNA spent building Roode up basically a waste, but that's just one man's opinion.

Other then that, this episode looked weak as far as amount of in-ring action and was obviously dominated by story segments, but from what I was told this seemed like a good episode and one I will certainly watch, if only to see James Storm win the belt.

As always feel free to comment on your thoughts and questions, thanks for reading and take care.

...See You Space Cowboy.