Sin-Sin-Naughty Is Not Orange Bowl Worthy: Enter Boise State To Prove It

Lace BanachekAnalyst IDecember 7, 2008

There was never a doubt in my mind that this day’s editorial would prove to make a statement against the Big East Title holder Cincinnati. Of course it would have been more fun writing this had Hawaii not self-destructed, and actually won the game.

However, it was not the Bearcats of Cincinnati that beat Hawaii 29 to 24, it was Hawaii them selves. It was almost in the air, one could smell the wretched stink of failure and self-destruction as the 4th quarter unfolded.

For example, as the 4th and final quarter begun the ESPN announcers also began speaking the first un-positive things about Hawaii. Hawaii’s run and shoot system (their trademark) would prove to give negative results. 

The run and shoot would slow down the clock by throwing the ball; instead of help it expire with running plays. Truly, Cincinnati was never able to beat Hawaii with their offense.

Hawaii was ahead of the so-called Big East champion’s 24 to 10 after a 4th quarter touchdown. Then Hawaii's defense held Cincinnati powerless once again and Hawaii was back in control on their-own 20-yard line.

This was the point of self-destruction with 10:27 left on the clock Cincinnati intercepted a god-awful pass and scored a touchdown. The Hawaii QB Alexander was distraught and unable to gather any further momentum.

Cincinnati then got a field goal a safety and finally when all the hope was drained from Hawaii’s defense it was then that Cincinnati was able to score an offensive touchdown that would end the game.

In fact the Cincinnati offense is one of the weakest I have seen this year and most certainly not worthy of an Orange Bowl invitation. Also the Cincinnati defense was only able to capitalize on last minute Hawaii mistakes.

If Hawaii had any type of offense Cincinnati would never have won the game they would have left with their Bear-Cat Tail tucked firmly between their legs.

The Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly said they needed to win the Hawaii game, “we need to represent the Big East.” He was right they won the game and with it they surely represented the weakness of Big East College football.

The announcers mentioned that Cincinnati was playing one of the WAC’s lesser teams and had expressed how fortunate the Bear Cats were that they were not playing WAC conference Champion Boise State (who is undefeated and handily whooped Hawaii).

Indeed there is only one thing for the Orange Bowl committee to do now that Cincinnati escaped Hawaii with their lives and that is to force Cincinnati to prove them-selves in the Orange Bowl.

However, Cincinnati should not be given four loss team Virginia Tech to prove themselves, Cincinnati should have to play Boise State a worthy Orange Bowl representative and the WAC powerhouse who’s BCS rating is higher.