The League: Ruxins Father and Andres Sister to Join the Group for Thanksgiving

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2011

The fantasy football-related comedy "The League" is about to get a whole lot more entertaining with the recent announcement of a few guest stars.

Hollywood heavyweight Jeff Goldblum is set to play the father of Rodney Ruxin. This is the perfect casting choice as they have similar features and are both Jewish.

Goldblum will fit right in with the snarky cast of miscreants who make a habit out of putting each other down every time their fantasy football team does not perform as planned.

Goldblum has been doing very little these days in the mainstream media, so it will be nice to see him on a show that I enjoy watching.

Also set to appear is Sarah Silverman, who will be playing Andre's sister. Last season we heard bits and pieces about Andres' sister, mainly that Taco and Pete had both slept with her.

Andre told everyone she had gotten fat so they did not keep asking about her, but Silverman is a good looking woman, so she could cause some trouble for her brother.

Silverman is a comedy genius by some peoples standards and a moron by others. Her brand of comedy is offensive and often times just plain immature, but there is some intelligence behind her jokes, unless they revolve around feces.

These two comedy gems will make a nice addition to the cast for the Thanksgiving episode, which may indeed premiere on Thanksgiving if FX decides to avoid the holiday tradition of airing actual football games and not just football-related programs.

It will be funny to see how the guys balance Thanksgiving dinner with the football games you know they are eager to see.

I for one am extremely excited for this episode, especially because this season has shown that "The League" has no intention of slowing down or becoming any less offensive.