WWE: Is It Finally Time for John Cena to Join the Dark Side?

Quinn GammonCorrespondent INovember 2, 2011

New merchandise? Yes, but Cena seems to cycle through merchandise once every few months anyways. Also consider that in his video exclusive on WWE.com, Cena talks about The Rock turning on him at Survivor Series. What no one considers is if it's The Rock that needs to worry about being set up.
New merchandise? Yes, but Cena seems to cycle through merchandise once every few months anyways. Also consider that in his video exclusive on WWE.com, Cena talks about The Rock turning on him at Survivor Series. What no one considers is if it's The Rock that needs to worry about being set up.

This is a topic that has been covered numerous times over the past few years.

Whether it's the IWC spamming the forums with illegible arguments or a beloved Bleacher Reporter putting up a controversial piece complete with passionate comments from both sides, one thing always remains a constant—John Cena fans have been waiting for this for years.

This writer has done his best to keep relatively quiet on the subject, simply because it's not something that I've expected to happen anytime soon. As the face of the company and the biggest merchandise draw, a John Cena heel turn has been absolutely impractical up to this point.

While there have admittedly been several unique chances to turn Cena that could have worked, there has yet to be any one superstar that could fill Cena's spot as top babyface.

There have been e-mails and comments galore pouring in on wrestling sites worldwide complaining about the inconsistent nature of the Halloween edition of RAW SuperShow.  I've picked through grievances over everything ranging from death threats upon the Muppets to Alberto Del Rio losing clean to Big Show to the ending of the program.

Though the show had plenty of flaws, it still accomplished what needed to get done. The Rock gave his answer to John Cena to set up what should be the feature attraction of Survivor Series, Big Show still looks like a credible threat to Mark Henry when we all know he isn't and ADR looks vulnerable which is where he has proven to be his most effective. 

The biggest issue was definitely the ending. Before everyone starts in with their "Don't hate on SuperCena, it's his gimmick" nonsense, allow me to clarify. 

While the SuperCena portrayal of John is what gets him so over with the kids, this was one instance where it would have been a much wiser move to put it on the backburner. I've complained before about how WWE protects its top people far too much and that statement stands true. This is why I didn't have a problem with ADR losing clean.

Not only does it keep Big Show looking credible, but when one thinks about it, ADR doesn't lose clean all that often. More often than Cena does. 

It's hard to think of the last time Cena lost clean when it didn't involve cheating, outside interference or some kind of gimmick or stipulation. 

The big problem here is that if Cena can throw around Awesome Truth by himself, why on earth does he need The Rock to help him? If Awesome Truth had to cheat because they couldn't beat Cena by himself in a handicap match, how is anyone supposed to take them seriously against both John Cena and The Rock?

If we see The Miz jobbing to Tyler Reks on Superstars in a month, then we can assume Miz protested the recent release of his real-life girlfriend Maryse. However, I don't see Mizanin falling prey to the same thing that currently plagues John Morrison and Drew McIntyre. 

Despite RAW being a little monotonous and childish with the Muppet antics, everything more or less made sense. For everyone complaining about Swagger and Ziggler losing, just realize that Swags isn't going anywhere anytime soon, hence why he's with Vickie.

I expect Ziggler to drop the US Title to Zack Ryder either before or after the inevitable Survivor Series classic match that all these guys will likely be involved in and enter the Main Event title scene where he belongs.

Out of everything that happened on RAW, the only thing truly inconsistent was the ending. This is where the rumors start floating. 

Why does John Cena even need Rock if he can make a total ass out of Miz and R-Truth by himself without even breaking a sweat? Why bury Awesome Truth and make them look like they don't have a chance in hell in winning?

Without a doubt, this is yet another opportunity to turn Cena if the cards are played correctly. Unlike all the previous chances, I truly believe that this is the first chance they'll have to do it safely.

Unlike years past, WWE has proven to have viable replacements. CM Punk is proving every week that not only could he take the top babyface spot on RAW, but that the fans are more than willing to embrace his refreshing anti-establishment character that has soared in popularity since the infamous worked-shoot pipebomb speech a few months back. 

He's a prime candidate. His straight-edge lifestyle, charisma and gimmick make him marketing gold and he has also proven that he can carry Cena's load in merchandise sales as well, being the only guy other than The Rock to beat Cena's rank in sales in five years.

Hell, Zack Ryder's popularity continues to soar as well as he broke the Top Ten in sales a few weeks back.

WWE knows that they're not in danger of losing tons of money in sales. Between Punk, Ryder, and the increasingly popular Sheamus joining the ranks of Orton, Mysterio and Undertaker, WWE's merchandise sales aren't going anywhere. 

Without those two proverbial monkeys on WWE's back, the only reason I can think to book such an obvious blatant mismatch between Awesome Truth and Rock/Cena is for Cena to turn on The Rock during the match. 

A pinfall over The Rock in his first match in almost eight years would be beyond career defining for both Miz and Truth and a Cena heel turn has been thrown around more and more with the upcoming WrestleMania XXVIII Main Event scheduled. 

Though Vince would likely rather have SuperCena vs SuperRock, the idea of a brand new megaheel in Cena heading into battle with The Rock on the Grand Stage in Rock's hometown is enticing. Imagine how much money it would draw compared to how much it's already going to draw in a face-to-face encounter.

Let's not discount the fact that no matter how babyface Cena is going into 'Mania, he's going to be treated like a heel in Miami. There's just no two ways around it. This will be The Rock's first hometown match in eight years at the biggest show of the entire year.

If you thought Cena got a cold reception in Chicago facing Punk, imagine what he'll get in Miami.

In the end, we need to just accept the fact that Vince McMahon is a stubborn old ignoramus. For all of his genius, he's equally selfish and harebrained at times and we're more than likely to receive the same tired, old SuperCena heading into 'Mania. 

Is it finally time for John Cena to join the dark side? We've seen this debate countless times but never before has there been so much factual proof to support the argument. Let's hear it with your creative and interesting responses below or contact me on Twitter @Sir_Quinn.