UFC: Bryan Caraway's Ultimate Fighter 14 Blog, Episode 5!

Bryan CarawayGuest ColumnistOctober 20, 2011

So by now our team has pretty much figured that it's Dodson relaying information to the other team, but we still didn't know the extent of what Dodson was telling them until around the time of this episode.

I think Mayhem was so shocked that Dodson, his first pick, ended up being a traitor. Because of that, he really didn't do anything about it. I'm not sure what Mayhem could of really done anyway about Dodson.

So coming up with the switcheroo on fight announcement seemed like the only thing to do! Only Neace, Siler and the coaches actually knew about the switch, which was a good idea because Akira had to cut a lot of weight and Diego really was getting emotional.

So after the fight announcement, our team had a team meeting kind of secretly, and I'm pretty sure Dodson knew it was about him because he didn't come. During the team meeting the coaches told us that Dodson had been revealing all of our team's training: what we've been focusing on for each fighter, who's hurt, what matchups we wanted, literally everything...WOW!!!

Then the guys started chiming and were saying how they've been suspicious of Dodson and why. Dustin Pague told us that just a few days before, he was telling Dodson thank you for being a great training partner and training with him for Louis.

Then Pague said that Dodson looked down and said "No, I'm not. I'm not a good friend or training partner." He had been telling Louis everything about Pague and that Pague hurt his ribs before the fight.

I couldn't believe it. But at least Dodson had enough guilt and balls to tell Pague the truth to his face. Craziness!

The coaches talked to Dodson and told him how he put them in an awkward situation and that our team was not happy with him, but he didn't seem to care.

So the night of the fight pick and weigh-ins of Akira vs. Dustin Neace, a huge prank war broke out that ended sourly on the second night! TJ, Prince and Bass got into a war with Taz, Louis and Dodson!

At first it just started out as Louis and Taz (Ferguson) vs. TJ and Prince (John Albert), Louis was on the balcony throwing stuff down at TJ and Prince, Taz ran downstairs to get more supplies to flank TJ and Prince from the back side while they were focusing on throwing stuff back at Louis on the Balcony and somehow I got mixed up in the crossfire. On his way outside Taz antiqued me with flour then went on attack TJ and Prince.

Meanwhile, I decided it was time for payback. I went into the house and filled up a bucket of freezing ice cold water and sneaked up on Taz and threw the whole bucket in his face right when he turned around. Then we started wrestling and I threw his little ass in the pool.

Taz had a few drinks too and he tried to climb out of the pool right where I was standing, so I shoved him back in. He came right back and tried to get out again. I pushed him back in and this went on for a while. You would think he would've swam to the other side to get out, but nope!

So then I noticed my buddy Prince sneaking up on me, I figured he was gonna try and push me in, so I was just waiting as he creeped closer. When he felt he was close enough he started running at me and went to push me in. I spun out of the way at the last second and he tried to catch himself, flailing at the edge of the pool. But he had too much momentum and he went in.

At this point I was laughing hysterically and so was everyone else who made it out to watch the action. Then, naturally, Taz got out of the pool and chased me in the house and tried wrestling mewhich is not his strong point!

After he was finally tired of me throwing him around he decided to take off his wet clothes and chase me...this is the scene they showed on the previews where a lot of people thought I was naked, when in fact I was the one being chased!

So the next night the war started again with the same guys: Louis on the balcony and Taz attacking them in the back yard. But this time TJ and Prince held down Taz, and Peaches (a.k.a Stephen Bass) started to hogtie him up with tape, which was absolutely gut-busting and funny!

The whole time Taz was yelling, "Death Leprechauns assemble," which is their little crew. So I was the balcony with Louis, watching as Louis was bombing them with every kitchen product he could find!

I started to make him feel bad for not helping out Taz, so he finally ran down to rally Dodson and Darkness (Marcus Brimage). Meanwhile, Taz's demeanor changed instantly for the worse and he started panicking and freaking out, cussing and saying he was going to kill them and that his hand broke.

Then Dodson and Louis ran outside to bomb TJ, Prince and Bass with eggs and flour. TJ got a hold of Louis and suplayed him in the bushes. Peaches tried to grab Dodson, but he was too fast while Prince was fending of Darkness from Taz!

Then TJ got a hold of Dodson and threw him in the pool while Darkness retreated. Now Taz was super emotional and turned psycho so they cut him loose. He got in TJ's face, calling him every name in the book and said they jumped him and hurt him. He was trying to pick a fight.

This went on for a good 30 minutes straight and it got heated, but TJ kept his cool and Dodson and Louis finally got Taz to calm down. Whew, wow, that turned for the worse quickly!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that a few nights before that Akira sneaked into my room while I was asleep and buzzed a nice chunk of my beautiful hair! I was so pissed at the time that I almost killed Akira! 

After Taz freaked out, we knew things were gonna get hairy, so we decided to form our own little team Called L.A.D.L (League of Anti-Death Leprechauns)!

L.A.D.L. consisted of TJ, Prince, Neace, Peaches and myself. We all had wooden spoons kind of like our swords that we decorated to represent our allegiance. This tells you how bored you get living in that house! Stay tuned in as more shenanigans happen throughout the season! Thanks for reading.

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