Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: A History Lesson

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst IDecember 8, 2008

Roughly two weeks ago, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets marched in to Sanford Stadium as underdogs, and did the unthinkable. They rushed for over 400 yards in route to a 45-42 win over the home town Bulldogs. The Bulldogs seven game win streak in the series was history.

In those few hours on a Saturday in November, the Yellow Jacket faithful also lost something. They lost all memory of the past 30 years in this series of "Clean Old Fashioned Hate."


Have you been around a Tech fan in the last two weeks. One win, in which they're vaunted defense gave up 42 points, and all is forgotten.

Well, before I begin to put the Georgia football world back into reality, let me say... Congratulations to Georgia Tech. They played the game that Willie Martinez and his defense knew they would play. But despite that knowledge, the Dawgs had no answer for the triple option in the second half.

So to Coach Paul Johnson and his guys, I say great job! Enjoy your win.

Now on to the reality of the football world in the state of Georgia.

For all of you Tech fans out there who have short term memory loss, and to all of you Dawg fans who are down on the Dawgs, here is a quick history lesson.

Georgia and Georgia Tech a tradition since 1893

The Dawgs and the Jackets first met on the football field in 1893. Tech had little trouble with the Dawgs that day, winning the series opener 28-6.

Tech took a 1-0 series lead. They would keep the lead until 1897, when the teams would meet for the second time. Georgia returned the favor to its cross state rivals, winning 28-0.

The series would stay pretty even for the first 20 games. Tech won 3-0 in 1925 and evened the series at 9-9-2.  Tech would take the series lead in 1928 with a 20-6 win.

Georgia would even things up in 1929. Tech would not see a series lead again until 1955.

In 1963 the Jackets jumped back on top of the series with a 14-3 win in Atlanta. Tech now led the series 27-26-5.

It would be their last series lead to date. This heated rivalry was about to cool off.

Since 1964, the Jackets have managed just 12 wins against Georgia. Let me say that again for all of you Jacket fans out there...12 wins in 45 games.

To say that Georgia has dominated this series in the past 45 seasons would be a slight understatement.  During that stretch of dominance, Georgia has posted win streaks of five, six and seven (twice). Tech has won three straight once (1998-2000).

Vince Dooley enjoyed much success during that span as he went 19-6 against Jackets. Even Ray Goff enjoyed playing the Jackets, as he posted a 5-2 record. Jim Donnan would not fair as well, as his 2-3 record against Tech most likely contributed to his exit.

Success would continue in 2001 as Mark Richt came to town as Georgia's new head coach.  Richt and his team would win that first meeting 31-17 in Atlanta. Richt would go on to win seven straight, before losing to the Jackets for the first time this year.

So what have we learned today?

We know that it takes very little success to make a Jacket fan happy.  After all, they have won 12 games in the past 45 seasons.

To Georgia fans at 33-12 record since 1964 looks pretty good.

We know that Tech fans are overjoyed after winning for the first time in seven years. Losing seven of eight, 14 of 18, and 23 of 31 doesn't seem so bad.

Georgia fans are disappointed in this season. Losing to Tech is like letting your little brother win at "horse" in the backyard. Even though you beat him constantly, he holds that one win in a decade over you as his trophy.

Tech fans will gloat all can count it. But reality says they will win a couple of games every decade. I'm glad they can live with that.

This series has had many memorable moments. Many players have saved their best for this series. In the past decade I have had the chance to see many of these games in person. It makes it easier for me to ignore the short term memory loss displayed by Tech fans.

My most memorable moment from a Georgia-Georgia Tech game?

In 2002 Georgia beat the Jackets in Athens, 51-7. My brother was in town and we got to go to the game together. He had a bag of "bald peanuts" (you know what I'm talking about Gray Ghost) and opened them up right at kickoff. He decided to drain all of the juice out of the bag underneath our seats. The juice decided to run forward, and puddled right on to the seats in front of us.

A Tech fan, who had no idea how bad the game was going to get, sat right down into the puddle. He stood up for the National anthem with a big stain on his rear end...

My brother finally told him to watch out for the peanut juice.

Too little, too late.

He said, "I thought I felt real cold all of a sudden."  We laughed till we cried, Georgia won by 44 points. Now that was a great Saturday.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this series. Good or bad. Dawgs or Jackets.

Now that we have revisited history, maybe we can all look at this series again from a "realistic" point of view.


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