TNA Wrestling, the Grim Review: Sting and Dixie Are in Charge

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 21, 2011

Hello Ladies and Gents, welcome once again to the Grim Review for TNA; this time we are covering the first show since Sting and Hogan won the company back for Dixie Carter at Bound For Glory.

So let me get into my review for the show tonight.

On a side note, Eric Bischoff yet again insulted me and my fellow critics. I would like to reply that insulting your customers, be it the marks, the smarks or the critics is a bad move. I like TNA, I defend TNA, but every time you call me a loser for making videos and writing reviews I wonder why you guys care so much that you have to mock us?

Is it because you understand where we are coming from? Is it because we're right? Honestly, since when has it been a crime to be a critic; do movie makers call those reviewers losers? I just find it funny that you attack us for being losers, but for some reason you care so much.

(Before I begin let me explain my grading method. I grade every segment and match on a five-point scale, with three being average and five being perfect.

After all this I tally up the numbers and find the average score for the night, then I give it a letter grade. Now please realize that the grade I give a show is not the same as the grade I give a PPV; an A show may be around a C PPV. I hope that clarifies any questions you had about how I grade.)

TNA: Under New Management

So we kick off tonight's show with Sting in the ring, no Joker gimmick, no weird accent, just good ol' Sting. He talks about how he accomplished everything he wanted to at BFG, and then out comes Hogan who puts Sting over and explains that he didn't like the man that he had become, so he decided then and there to go back to the Hulksters and make a stand.

After Hogan leaves Dixie enters, starts talking and at some point makes Sting the GM of TNA. Then Bobby Roode/Kurt Angle/James Storm come out and it keeps going, until finally Angle and Storm have a match for the title tonight.

My Thoughts: 40 minutes of run-on show and we are finally done with the opening promo. They did a couple of things but I think that this could have been accomplished in half the time. I mean it wasn't a bad segment, just long, with a lot of moving story pieces that could have been broken up into smaller, bite-sized chunks over the course of the night, instead of one giant blob of a segment.

Segment Rating: ** (Two Stars)

Match No. 1: TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship Match: Angelina Love & Winter vs Brooke Tessmacher & Tara (C)

So Winter just lost her belt, and the first thing TNA has her do is...get pinned by half of the "weakest belt ever" champions.

Winners and STILL Women's Tag Team Champs: Tessmacher & Tara

My Thoughts: I'm not going to say this was a bad match, it wasn't, actually for a Knockouts match it was quite good. My biggest problem is the fact that Winter just lost her belt, and isn't put in the feud to regain her belt, or even participate in a supposedly  "contractual rematch." Other than that this match was fine.

Match Rating: *** (Three Stars)

The Battle of the Jeffs

Next we had another segment...and another brawl between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. They wasted my time at the Pay Per View, so lets redo the same segment, accomplishing the same thing, and ending the same way on free TV this week, great idea.

I don't really care about this feud—the only thing I care about is my main men D-Lo Brown and Al Snow getting some camera time. Other than that this segment was a wash.

MyThoughts: Same segment we saw Sunday: D-Lo Brown and Al Snow better feud, and I hope Jeff Hardy destroys Jeff Jarrett and this feud goes to bed faster then the Jeff Jarrett, Mexican Champion angle.

Match No. 2: Gunner vs Abyss

Winner by Count Out: Abyss

My Thoughts: A throw-away match that didn't make Abyss look any stronger and made Gunner look a lot weaker. Gunner's promo before the match was good, but that was lost the second he ran away.

Match Rating: *3/4 (One-and-three-fourths Stars)

Gail Kim Returns

Velvet Sky came out and did her best Kelly Kelly impression, standing in the ring crying, talking about how much TNA means to her until Karen Jarrett came back out and stopped the segment.

Madison Rayne came out and attacked Velvet,who fought her off. Then Gail Kim came out of the crowd and they all beat down Velvet and celebrated with Karen and Madison.

My Thoughts: Once again it's proven to me that the Knockouts Division is all about Karen Jarrett. I think a Gail Kim/Velvet feud would be nice, but I just can't get past how much Karen Jarrett we've seen tonight; who wants her on their TV?

Segment Rating: ** (Two Stars)

Bischoff on Bischoff Violence

Hogan comes out and is confronted by Immortal. They jump Hogan, Sting comes out and runs Immortal off, Bischoff runs into his son and argues with him, Bischoff's son knocks him out, Immortal runs away.

My Thoughts: Worst Segment of the far...nothing good about it but really, this was bad. I'm not a fan of family involvement in segments; this was no different.

Segment Rating: * (One Star)

Match No. 3: TNA World Championship Match: Kurt Angle (C) v James Storm

Winner and NEW TNA World Champ: James Storm

Look I'm going to do this a little differently.  I'm just going to give you a quick synopsis on my thoughts about Storm as champ, and what happens from here.

Originally, from what I've read, TNA was going to have Matt Morgan win the BFG Series, then he got injured. They started going with Crimson, then they realized he wasn't over enough, so finally they went with Robert Roode.

Now I wasn't there and I almost never believe dirt sheets, so I'll only say what I know. Somewhere, maybe the day of, maybe the whole time, someone decided that Roode wasn't ready, and they decided to go the route they did. I think that they decided the day of because they put so much effort behind him and then let it fall flat.

Now Hogan did throw Roode under the bus, and when he did it was terrible, I may have agreed with him that Roode wasn't the best guy for the belt, but what they did was stupid in my opinion.

Now all that being said, lets not knock James Storm for this, he deserved the belt. I personally feel that between him and Daniels he's one of the best wrestlers in TNA.

I know Angle was injured, but the way they threw the belt away in a three-minute match was just terrible. They made Angle look weak, they made Roode look weak, they made the belt look weak and they made Storm look like a throw-away champ. It's kind of sad.

Now they're going to play it off like Roode and Storm was planned all along—quite frankly I don't think it was.  I might be wrong, but that's just what I think, and blasting me and the rest of the IWC for calling BS when you had Roode lose the way he did doesn't change a thing.

Also I don't care what anyone says about unadvertised title matches; when the titles change, that doesn't improve ratings. I'm sorry but it doesn't.

Match Rating: *1/2 (One-and-A-Half Stars)

Final Thoughts on the Shows

Two hours of show, maybe around 13 minutes of wrestling—not a good balance in my opinion.

Add in the fact that the segments weren't even that great and you have a throw-away match to end the show. The Knockouts Tag Match was good and there were some bright spots, but on the whole this was not a good show.

Final Grade: D-

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts below.

...See You Space Cowboy


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