John Morrison Is Not Being Buried by the WWE

Adam HanksContributor IIIOctober 21, 2011

Since John Morrison has returned from neck surgery, he has only won a single match. The IWC and WWE fans in general look at his losing streak and wonder why he's being buried. Is it because he's a rebel backstage? Is it because he didn't fight Batista (and seriously, would you)? Most think it's because of his antics involving his on again off again girlfriend, Melina.

JoMo apparently has not done a whole lot to solidify his position in the backstage politics that run rampant in the WWE, but I really don't think this has done that much to affect his onstage results. No, he has not won his matches, but CM Punk wasn't winning a whole lot a few months ago either. I'd like to pull your attention to his most recent losses.

After Johnny Ace took over as the Raw GM and the WWE personnel were streaming their way into the building, who was the one guy that looked Laurinaitis square in the eye and said that it was a bad move?

Was it your reigning tag team champions, Air Boom? Was it your reigning internet champion, Zack Ryder? Or maybe it was the voice of the voiceless, CM Punk? No, it was the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison.

The result of this was JoMo was given a match against Christian with his heel buddies in tow. After the match, Morrison took a beating from Christian, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.

To the untrained eye, this was one example of Morrison's burial, but to me, it was the WWE looking to make their apparent heel stable look strong by beating on a credible wrestler the fans love.


Now we take a look at this last week's six-man tag match on Raw. John Morrison, Randy Orton and Sheamus against Christian, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry.

I can tell you one thing, before the match started, I could have told you the face team was going to lose and I could have told you Morrison would be the man to be pinned. It was not, however, due to him being buried.

What it came down to was this: five of the six guys are currently involved with interesting storylines, JoMo is not. For the second half of this match, Morrison was in the ring. Orton was gone and Sheamus is in the midst of his first push as a face, this would have been a prime opportunity to show off Sheamus going one-on-one with Mark Henry.

When they were booking this match, however, they decided to let JoMo fight against adversity and very nearly get a tag to the Great White before Christian pulled Sheamus off the ring apron and the two brawled into the back, leaving Morrison and Henry alone.

The match continued for a few more minutes with Morrison keeping the upper hand on Henry before JoMo was suddenly caught in one of the coolest looking World's Strongest Slams I've personally ever seen.

No, Morrison didn't get the win for his team. My argument here isn't that Morrison has been getting buried, just mismanaged. It seems to me, the WWE simply doesn't know what to do with him. All the current champions are in feuds, and since Morrison's return, the only feasible rivalry for him went away with R-Truth hitting the tag team rounds with The Miz. 

The bottom line here is once the WWE figures out what to do with him, John Morrison will get back to his winning ways. And no, TNA fans, I don't think there's much chance you'll see him on Impact!, with the pops he gets, I really don't see the WWE letting him walk. My guess is Morrison is on the verge of a heel turn with a rivalry against the next US Champion, Zack Ryder.