A Random Review: Twins Winter Meeting Notes

John MeyerContributor IDecember 9, 2008

I apologize in advance for a very disconnected, random post about the rumors and ramblings from Tuesday’s winter meetings. After a crazy 12 hour work day I have caught up on the Twins happening from today but my thoughts are still a bit disheveled.

  • That crazy rumor about Delmon Young heading back to the Tampa Bay Rays resurfaced but was then squashed by Aaron Gleeman. However, Gleeman did say he would be surprised to see Young in a Twins uniform again next year. It appears the Twins will be dealing from their position of depth to fill holes in the infield. Maybe they can convince someone that Michael Cuddyer still has value and give the young, 23-year old Young another year in the outfield. The more we read about Delmon rumors makes me think he’s available not just because he has the higher value than Cuddyer, but because he didn’t fit in the Minnesota clubhouse.
  • The Twins continue to be connected to Garret Atkins of the Colorado Rockies but we know the initial request from Colorado was for Kevin Slowey and Denard Span, a price deemed too high from the Twins (and everyone else in baseball!). Today the word is that they Rockies would take one of the Twins’ starting pitchers and a prospect. This proposal is certainly more reasonable but I’m not sure if there is a match in Colorado. The Rockies are really shooting for the moon in their requests and I don’t think the Twins are head over heels about Atkins.
  • La Velle Neal III investigates the LA Dodgers signing of Casey Blake a little further. The numbers reveal that the Twins had to be close on Blake. Apparently, Blake’s agent really wanted that third year. The Twins yearly amount outweighs the Dodgers but were willing to give Blake a longer commitment. Perhaps Blake will stay productive into his uppers 30s but I’m not upset at the Twins for walking away from this one. If it’s a money issue, I don’t think their justification holds much weight as the deals were only a couple million apart. But if they’re worried about durability that could perhaps be another issue.
  • Phil Miller of the St. Paul Pioneer Press writes that the Twins young pitching has been “popular” at the winter meetings. He cited a national baseball writer who says, “they have more major-league ready starting pitching depth than any other team.” Teams are interested in everyone from Baker to Bonser. Expect to see Baker, Liriano, and Slowey back in 2009 for sure. I think Blackburn, Perkins, Bonser, Humber, Swarzak, and Mulvey could all be had in the right package.
  • During the meetings every team has a mandatory press conference. Ron Gardenhire spoke tonight and Phil Miller notes he stated something of note about his middle infield situation.
  • Finally, a story that is definitely worth a look. Perhaps, all our offseason problems can be solved by this guy. Yes, this guy!