Fantasy Football: Expect Big Games From These Players

Buddy SmithSenior Writer IDecember 9, 2008

Going into the playoffs I thought I would quickly share some thoughts about who I think is going to have a big game this week.


Peyton Manning: Lots of you guys have been waiting for this game all year. There is nothing better in fantasy football than having your Quarterback face the Detroit Lions in the playoffs. Manning is going to have a great game on Sunday.

Kurt Warner and the Cardinals are playing the Minnesota Vikings this week. The Vikes are very strong against the run and not good at all against the pass. Warner will probably end up throwing the ball 40+ times and have a 300+ yard day.


Matt Hasselbeck/Seneca Wallace are my sleeper picks at quarterback. Whomever gets the start. HOMER ALERT! I live in Seattle and I’m biased. The Rams are bad on defense, but Seattle is worse. You could make an equally strong argument for Marc Bulger as a sleeper pick as well, but only if you live in St. Louis.

Running Backs

Brian Westbrook and the Eagles are hosting the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles need this game like they need air to breathe. If Westbrook doesn’t have a good game, look for the Eagles to get booed off the field, and for Andy Reid to be fired in the off season.

LaDanian Tomlinson travels to Kansas City to face one of the NFL’s worst defenses. I think he’s going to have a big game as he continues right where he left off in Oakland.

DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart: If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers couldn’t stop these guys I don’t see how Denver is going to do it…unless one of them pulls a Plaxico and shoots the other one in the foot these guys are going to run roughshod over the Broncos.


Tatum Bell is the last man standing in the Denver Broncos backfield. He should get a ton of touches and is a good plug and play option for this week. One thing the Bronco’s CAN do is run block. They could pull a kid from a local high school and he’s have 50 yards rushing and a touchdown behind this line. Maybe their offensive line should play both ways.

Wide Receivers

Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson should be the primary beneficiaries of two awful pass defenses. This game is sort of the dumb and dumber of defense. I feel sorry for all the people who will be standing out in the cold witnessing these two defensive backfields not cover anybody.

Everybody who plays for the Colts should have a good receiving day. I’d start them all: Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Anthony Gonzalez. There’s only one ball but the Lions are that special kind of lousy that makes it look like there were three balls in play when you read the box score.


Deion Branch…HOMER ALERT! I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking the Seahawks will play well again…but I can’t. I’m a shameless homer who should be flogged for suggesting these things in public. Don’t listen to me on this one.


Washington Redskins: I’ve been waiting for this match up since week 12. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Cincinnati Bungles aren’t going to stop making mistakes just because the Redskins showed up. They’re a lock for three turnovers. 

New England gets to play Oakland this week. Lucky them, and lucky you if you start the Patriots against the hapless Raiders.


Indianapolis Colts. Yes the Colts. That’s how bad Detroit is. Start the Colt’s kicker too. The Lions are so bad that ARCHIE Manning might throw a touchdown in this game. Bob Sanders or no Bob Sanders the Lions are going to turn it over a lot, and the Colts are going to score 35. Maybe some of it will come from defense.