St. Louis Rams: Bill Simmons Says the Rams Should Pick Luck

David Heeb@@DavidHeebCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2011

Andrew Luck is the consensus top prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft.
Andrew Luck is the consensus top prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Bill Simmons is a very popular writer for ESPN. Simmons recently launched his own project called, where Simmons and some of his writer friends post some very interesting, often humorous weekly columns.

Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Simmons, and I've read his column on for years.

This week Simmons was breaking down every quarterback in the NFL.  When it came to the St. Louis Rams' QB, Sam Bradford, Simmons had this to say:

Sam Bradford:  Past 10 starts: two wins, eight losses (seven by double-digits), 4 TDs, 8 picks, 132 points scored.  Anyone who brings up "Should the Rams keep Andrew Luck or Sam Bradford?" on a talking-head show should be electroshocked. There's a Bradford in the draft every year. There's a Luck in the draft every 10 years. Just stop it.

Simmons labels Bradford as a "Down-the-Road-Upside-Guy" and ranks him 29th on his list of quarterbacks.  He has some very notable QB's ranked ahead of Bradford. 

Here are a few of the QB's that Simmons likes better than Bradford:

Vikings' backup Donovan McNabb, who lost his job in Minnesota to rookie Christian Ponder

Patriots' backup Brian Hoyer, who has never thrown a meaningful NFL pass.

Broncos' backup Kyle Orton, who lost his jot to Tim Tebow

Broncos' starter Tim Tebow, who is a lightning rod for criticism at the QB position.

49'ers' starter Alex Smith, who is having a nice season, but is a game manager.

Chiefs' starter Matt Cassel, who Chiefs' fans are already trying to ship out of town.

Bengals' rookie starter Andy Dalton, who is having a nice rookie season.

Jets' starter Mark Sanchez, who is nothing more than a glorified game manager.

Panthers' rookie Cam Newton, who Simmons ranks the seventh best QB in the NFL.

Brett Favre, who is retired.

Kurt Warner, who is also retired.

My question is, how much had Bill Simmons been drinking before he wrote this article?  Has he even watched the Rams play this season?  Sam Bradford is going to be a stud.  He has a terrible offensive line, and he has played with the worst group of wide receivers in the NFL for two years now. 

If Bradford had half of the talent that other young QB's (Stafford, Freeman, Newton) had around them, I guarantee you that Bradford would rate a lot higher on every QB list out there.  To rank Bradford behind a backup QB and two rookies? 

I'm sorry, but Simmons loses a lot of credibility for writing that garbage.

I'll agree with Simmons on one point.  If the Rams have the first pick, they should heavily consider trading Bradford.  A quarterback like Luck is a once-in-a-decade talent.  I don't think the Rams will end up picking first (more like third or fourth), but if they do, they are in a no-lose situation.

They could trade the Luck pick to Miami for a ton of draft picks, and start surrounding Bradford with talent.  The other option would be to draft Luck, then trade Bradford to Miami for a ton of draft picks, and then start surrounding Luck with talent.

Either way, Bill Simmons is crazy if the thinks half the guys he listed are better than Sam Bradford.