Boise State, Blue Kool-Aid and the Loss of a Legitimate Title Game

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent INovember 3, 2011

Boise is not a legitimate contender either.
Boise is not a legitimate contender either.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I blame Oklahoma! 

Every fan of a BCS qualified school should feel the same way.  It was Oklahoma that failed all of us by losing against Boise State a few years back.  Apparently, everyone that watched the bowl game between OU and BSU drank the blue Kool-Aid and now believe in Boise State's legitimacy.  Too many still feel that way, but some are coming back to reality.

Except for the Big East, reportedly.  Think Big East...beginning with the fact that Boise is 1,000 miles west of the Mississippi.  This is a bad fit top to bottom but I digress.

I am one of the lucky ones, I fell asleep and knew the result before I watched my DVR to how it happened.  Because of this, I have a distinctly different view of the events.  To me, Boise State football is scripted like a movie.  Not Rudy or the Longest Yard but a bad football movie like Goldie Hawn in Wildcats.  The running back proposing to the cheerleader at the end off the game almost sickened me. Like the blue turf, everything about Boise Football is glitz.  There is no substance.

Useless stats!

Those that still believe in the Legitimacy of BSU try to have it both ways. 

On one hand they say it isn't their fault that they are a good team in a poor conference.  They should be respected for winning any games they play even if they are only challenged one or two games a season.  BCS conference schools play contenders every other week but BSU should still get a chance at the title.


On the other hand, they quote stats and records as being legitimate and that these are proof that they should be considered for the title game or that their quarterback should get the Heisman.  Really?  After admitting you play nobody of substance in your conference, you try to sell me this fertilizer. 

Go grow a potato! 

The season is nearing an end and BSU is near the top of the BCS standings.  The LEGITIMATE No. 1 and No. 2 will kill each other this weekend while BSU plays another patsy.  The result may be a title shot is taken away from a school that deserves it and given to BSU at the end of the season.   Teams that played real competition with one loss will be tossed aside, punished for playing exceptional teams by a system that will reward the paper tiger of the mountains.  Fans will be robbed of a real National Championship game and there is nothing we can do about it.

But that isn't BSU's fault.