Sean Avery's Expectations After Being Recalled to the Rangers

Riley KuftaContributor IIINovember 5, 2011

NEW YORK - APRIL 13: Sean Avery #16 of the New York Rangers tries to screen Martin Brodeur #30 of the New Jersey Devils during game three of the 2008 NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on April 13, 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Sure, Sean Avery is one of the most well-known players in the NHL, but not due to skill, hard work or hockey sense. He is well-known for his bad decisions and antics both on and off the ice.  

Probably his most well-known stunts are the "sloppy seconds" comments regarding ex-girlfriend/actress Elisha Cuthbert and her relationship with fellow NHLer Dion Phaneuf, as well as his stick-waving in the face of Martin Brodeur in the middle of a game.

To me, those two instances are the most memorable, but many would disagree. Nevertheless, the list goes on.  

Prior to the home opener in Europe, the Rangers placed Avery on waivers—nothing Sean Avery hasn't been through before. To no one's surprise, no other teams had interest and he cleared waivers.  

Recently, he cleared re-entry waivers as well. His antics have finally gone too far—no other teams want him. It is finally occurring to GMs and coaches that the liability outweighs the benefits he brings to a team, and I believe Sean Avery realizes that as well.  

The New York Rangers are the only team that still want him (barely), and John Tortorella is the only coach that can handle him. Upon being recalled after seeing his Rangers and NHL career flash before his eyes, he told reporters, "I love every game I've ever played for this team." 

Was threatening his NHL career enough to get Avery to smarten up?  

That theory will be put to the test tonight, as Avery makes his return and season debut against the Montreal Canadiens.  

Personally, I think this will be Sean Avery's most disciplined season to date, while he will still be an effective agitator. He will be an integral piece of the puzzle and will help lead the Rangers to their most successful postseason in years.