NFL Redzone Channel: The Best or Worst Sports Invention Ever?

Matt MelbyeCorrespondent INovember 8, 2011

Many football fans around the nation love the NFL Redzone channel, myself included. In only its third season this channel has already been deemed one of the greatest inventions in sports. I don't know a single soul that dislikes it. But what are the long-term effects to a football fan?

It wasn't until this season that I decided to watch the NFL Redzone. I started watching one Sunday during the early games. The plan was to just check it out and then switch over to watch my team in the later block of games.

But by the time the first set of games ended I couldn't get myself to change the channel. And then I remembered something I heard from a sports-talk radio personality saying that the NFL Redzone channel was like cocaine on television. And I realized I was addicted.

Now every Sunday afternoon I am glued to this channel. I believe I have now crossed the point of no return to watching just one game.

Last night, while watching the Bears and Eagles on Monday Night Football, I couldn't help but realize how annoyed I was at all the commercials and stoppages. I realize that no fan actually likes those, but I was at another level of irritated all of a sudden.

I had gotten so used to the constant action of the NFL Redzone channel that one single game was actually boring me. There was no flow to the game. I had never noticed how ridiculous it actually is. I now know where Europeans come from when talking about how boring American football is to them.

When you only know football to be one way, you are fine with it. Once you've had a taste of something better, you can never go back. It is just like HDTV. How many of you can't stand watching the game in 480p anymore? It's the same concept.

The long-term effects of NFL Redzone have already gotten to me. I am a victim of cocaine on TV. I may well never be able to watch a single football game the same way I used to. If anyone else is having this same problem maybe we can form a support group or something, haha.