Philadelphia Phillies 2009 Rotation To Include Jamie Moyer

Ryan SmithCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

It looks as though the Phillies have accomplished their main goal for this off-season. Today, they finally re-signed Jamie Moyer to two-year deal after dragging it out for more than a month. At this point, it is believed to be for around $15 million, but don't quote me. Moyer, who turned 46 in November, will likely be the Phillies No. 3 starter next year unless the Phils sign Derek Lowe, though now it looks unlikely.

The first four spots in the Phils rotation have been secured, but the fifth spot is up for grabs. The top contenders are J.A. Happ, Carlos Carrasco, and Kyle Kendrick. Happ and Kendrick are the most likely candidates, while according to Phillies officials, Carrasco needs a bit more seasoning. Adam Eaton's name has also been tossed around, although Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro, Jr. don't really think he's an option. They will all be at spring training.

Since Jamie Moyer has been signed, the Phillies pitching staff is as follows:


Cole Hamels (who made a lovely comment the other the day about the Mets)

Brett Myers

Jamie Moyer

Joe Blanton


Brad Lidge

J.C. Romero

Ryan Madson

Scott Eyre

Chad Durbin

Clay Condrey

J.A. Happ (unless he makes the rotation)

The Phillies' staff looks quite strong but could always make another big acquisition. I'm sure us Phillies fans wouldn't mind. 

As the Yankees and Mets spend millions and millions of dollars to get the top players on the market, the World Series Champs will probably just tweak things here and there, but, hey, it's worked the past few years.

The last big named player the Phillies signed was who, Jim Thome? Now I'm not talking about home-grown players or re-signings. The Phils were in third place in 2003, the year they signed Thome. Look at where they are now.