Cowardly Lions: Penn State Coaches Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary

Suzette Lampard BrantleyAnalyst INovember 10, 2011

Penn State vs LSU Capital One Bowl January 2010
Penn State vs LSU Capital One Bowl January 2010Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Whenever I heard "Penn State"

I thought...




That is up until a few days ago. Now all I can think of is those boys who were allegedly robbed of their youth by a monster. Moreover I am sickened by the cowardly non actions of so many who, up until yesterday, were active members of the coaching staff and school administration.

At least in the Wizard of Oz the cowardly lion knew he lacked courage and even asked those around him for help.

The notion that Coach Joe Paterno, the winningest coach in NCAA football history, should be absolved from responsibility because he went up the proper chain of command is downright insulting. Not only was firing him the right thing to do, his stepping down on his own would have been the honorable thing to do.

But he didn't. He waited for someone else to do it for him. A true leader leads by example and does the right thing because it is right.


And since we are on the subject of an alleged case, the right thing to do when you see a child being assaulted is to STOP THE ASSAULT!



It is not, coach Mike McQueary supposedly did, to lock eyes with the victim and perpetrator and walk out.

For argument sake, why I don't know, but I will try to relinquish common sense for bit and give the then struggling to secure a job at his alma mater guy the benefit of the doubt and say he was shocked by what he saw and that he didn't know how to react.


But what is McQueary's excuse for the next nine years? Did it NEVER cross his mind again? When he would see Jerry Sandusky, on the campus as early as 2003 and even as late as a few weeks ago, did his stomach not turn?

This was Mike McQueary's defensive coordinator when he was a player at Penn State. Jerry Sandusky was a fixture at Penn State just as Joe Paterno was. These two coaches were the face of Penn State.

How on earth can Mike McQueary not only not be a coach, but in light of what he allegedly saw, be the recruiting coordinator?

A 6'4" tall, 28-year-old grown man walked away. Inexcusable!


He was worried more about his job and not this child or any other child's safety.

Am I being too harsh? I think not.


I stopped a rape from happening! Saw something suspicious one night while in a city not my own. Certainly not while at my place of employment, a place I considered homelike where stepping up would be easy.


No, I was with my husband and another friend around 3 a.m. during Halloween several years ago in Tampa, Florida.

We noticed a female on the ground a block or so away with a man over her. He had his left knee on one side of her and his right leg thrown over her. He had his left hand propping himself up and his right hand was fiddling with the top of her jeans.

In an instant, the three of us ran towards them screaming at the top of our lungs to leave her alone. We secured the victim, called the police and waited until they arrived.

Our safety never entered our minds, hers did!

Courage is doing what you should even if a threat of danger is involved. Courage is standing up to do the right thing without fear of retribution.