Penn State University: Blind Devotion Makes Them Degenerates Posing as Students

JosephContributor INovember 10, 2011

Riot police on the Penn State campus following the firing of Joe Paterno.
Riot police on the Penn State campus following the firing of Joe Paterno.Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Penn State students are simply short-sighted degenerates masquerading as an intellectual community. Yep, I said it and I’m not taking it back.

If I was a graduate of Penn State University, last night I’d have seriously considered ripping up my certificate in order not to be identified as one of these spoiled, entitled and selfishly anti-social juveniles.

Frankly, I’m so miffed it’s all I can do to try and remain polite and civil. Is this what our country has become? Are these the leaders to whom we are bequeathing the future of this nation? If so, we’re in deep trouble.

If I had a child that attended Penn State and I discovered that they had taken part in the ignorant and pathetic display of misplaced support when students rioted about Joe Paterno's firing on Wednesday night, I’d have come close to disowning him or her.

For every piece of property that was vandalized, for every placard declaring unwavering support for “JoePa,” for every rabid, vitriolic statement made on national TV by these Neanderthals disguised as students, another little piece of the victims' hearts was ripped out.

Can Penn State students be any more absurdly churlish and infantile?

Let’s examine a little more closely the so-called hero they’re celebrating.

Joe Paterno, in his testimony to the grand jury, stated that he didn’t know that anything as severe as what has been alleged had gone on.

Paterno further stated that, Mike McQueary, the 28-year-old graduate assistant who witnessed Sandusky’s despicable acts in the locker room shower with a 10-year-old boy, “had seen Jerry Sandusky in the Lasch Building showers fondling or doing something of a sexual nature to a young boy.”

Seriously? What did Joe Paterno want to hear before he realized the gravity of what was taking place right under his nose? Did he want the sordid details of the actual act of sodomizing a child? Did he need a video-recorded playback of the incident?

Joe Paterno sat on this for almost 10 years and never thought it necessary to inform the police (thereby displaying his gross lack of good judgment), yet he has the gumption and temerity to think it’s his right to determine how and when he leaves the program? my estimation, is boundless arrogance.

In declaring “I am grateful beyond words to all the coaches...who have been a part of this program,” did it even occur to Paterno that such an accolade included an accused pedophile in the person of Sandusky? What, pray tell, is he grateful to Sandusky for?

Maybe Joe Paterno is demonstrating that at 84, he has lost touch with reality and lives in a world of his own making. Maybe it isn’t healthy for any one man to have as much power and authority as he wielded, because the greater likelihood is that you become accountable to no one but yourself.

Is football that much more important to Joe Paterno than the lives of Sandusky’s innocent victims? How can he sleep at night knowing that a simple call to the police department could have ensured that not one more child would have been abused by Sandusky after 2002?

And what about the supposed “rumors” currently being reported by Mark Madden, a sportswriter out of Boston, Mass.? Mark states “I hear a rumor that there will be a shocking development from the Second Miles Foundation... That Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors.”

The aftermath of student rioting on the Penn State campus.
The aftermath of student rioting on the Penn State campus.Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

The rabbit hole only gets deeper and deeper, and Penn State students are out front and center leading the charge on who gets the prize for the most asinine behavior. Their blind, misguided loyalty guarantees that they will more than likely be left with egg on their faces.

There are numerous boys (some of whom are now young men) and their families that are about to relive the horror of Sandusky’s sordid, demonic behavior all over again, and this time they’ll have to absorb every detail being dredged up in a fishbowl as the courts, the media and the public scrutinize every detail.

This is far from over, and there are many more details yet to be released. So once again, please spare a thought for who the real victims are in this case. And as sure as I know my name, I know Joe Paterno isn’t one of them.


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