Arizona State Penalties Upheld by NCAA Appeals Committee

Vance PennCorrespondent INovember 12, 2011

Arizona State is ineligible for the NCAA baseball post season in the 2012 season after they recently learning that their appeal had been denied.

ASU was originally notified of the infractions in December of 2010 and ultimately cost Coach Pat Murphy his job. The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee upheld the infractions they received last year., along with the most of the appealed findings. Two of Arizona State's major infractions were upheld, while a third was reduced from a major to a secondary infraction.

The violations by the ASU baseball program occurred over a five-year period and involved coaching-staff limits, paying student athletes for work they didn't perform, using an impermissible recruiter, and lack of institutional control. 

Penalties, including those that were self-imposed by the school, include a three-year probation, a ban on postseason appearances for three seasons, vacating wins, recruiting restrictions and coaching activity limitations during practice. All are significant penalties for a highly-competitive program like the Sun Devils. 

ASU appealed the violations, claiming that several of the major violations were secondary, meaning they were isolated or inadvertent incidents that provided only a minimal competitive advantage and did not include a recruiting advantage. All of the other violations were considered major. The Sun Devils argued that the penalties were excessive and were overly damaging to the program.

While the committee upheld two of the infractions and reduced the third, the penalties were upheld because the penalties fit the violations. Penalties can be set aside if they are found to be excessive and/or they do not fit with the severity of the infraction. The committee did not feel that any of these were the case. This is a definite blow to the Arizona State program for the next three years.