End of the Road Near For J.P. Losman

Craig KanalleyContributor IDecember 16, 2008

For Jonathan Paul Losman, a "Dead End" sign lies in front of him.

This shouldn't be too surprising for most Bills fans, but he took a few more wrong turns, and he's now clueless as ever as to where he is or where he goes next.

He's lost.  He's run out of gas.  No one's coming to his aid.  His NFL career is about to be over.

The Tulane University product was highly-touted in the 2004 draft and the Bills gambled on him by trading their second-round pick to Dallas to grab him in the first. After selecting Lee Evans with their 13th pick, Losman's name was called with their 22nd.

Just as his three-year ride as a starting QB in the NFL from 2005-2007 came to an abrupt end when he lost the top job to Trent Edwards, his days in the NFL period appear to be numbered.

After laying an egg against Miami in Toronto, leading the Bills to a single field goal and nothing else, he had a less-than-stellar effort in the Meadowlands, despite one good drive and the announcer giving viewers a good laugh by comparing him to Peyton Manning.

The game was close for just one reason: the Bills rushing attack.  Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson were phenomenal.  Losman?  He single-handedly picked up three turnovers in the final two minutes to blow the game away.

Let's take a look at some more of his stats, shall we?  Let's see here.  Three fumbles against the Jets, three fumbles against Miami, two fumbles against Arizona.  Four of those fumbles resulted in turnovers.  Nice, nice.

That makes 34 career fumbles through 42 games in the National Football League.  Exactly half of those went to the other team.  Awesome!

Throw in his 34 career INT's and you have the whole J.P. package.   Put those on your highlight reel, No. 7!  (Both of those stats exceed his 33 career TDs, by the way.)

And if stats don't mean anything to you, well, review the tapes.  You'll find the troubling truth that the vast majority of his mishaps occur at the most critical points of the game.  You know, like second down, 2:06 remaining in regulation, up by four.  Stuff like that.

It's saying something that the most recent update on his official website (as I write this) is "Losman to start at quarterback for Bills in game vs. Miami at Rogers Centre," dated Dec. 5.

What has he done since?

That's what I thought.

Well, soon enough, unless he can accept a backup role - which so far it doesn't seem he's willing to—his days as a pro QB are done.  Maybe he'll try Arena Football, or Indoor?  CFL?

Five years into his career, his bad habits have still not gone away.  Seems they never will. 

Maybe he has trouble understanding what a turning point is, what the defense is showing, or how to go through his progressions.

But Losman won't have any trouble seeing what's in front of him now.  That bright yellow "Dead End" sign couldn't be any clearer.