WWE John Cena: The Real Reason Why We Hate Super Cena

Double ZedContributor IINovember 16, 2011

John Cena
John CenaRusty Jarrett/Getty Images

His name is John Cena. And he's one of the greatest superstars to ever grace the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker can all be placed in the same category. Yet the hate for Cena remains unparalleled.

Why? For his five moves of doom? His constant victories? Or is it the sole fact that Super Cena has no Doomsday?

Every superhero has his villain. Batman has the sadistic Joker. Spiderman has the malevolent mind of Dr. Octopus. Heck, even Green Lantern has Vandal Savage.

These villains do not exist simply to add another dimension to the story. Their purpose is to make the superhero triumph in the face of adversity, to make him gain followers in his quest to defeat evil.

In every film, superheroes at some stage are always found in an inconceivable situation. However, the likes of Batman and Spiderman continuously prevail.

Sound familiar?

John Cena's career so far imitates this exact scenario. Randy Orton most notably had Super Cena on the back foot for the majority of their feud, yet somehow the Doctor of Thuganomix gained the upper hand, and retained his title.

Cena's villainous opponents all had one strength. The Great Khali had his immense height. Shawn Michaels had the heart. Randy Orton had the perverse tactics.

Yet all of them failed to give Cena what he needed most, and that was credibility.

Nowadays, no matter how he prevails, even from the most insurmountable situation, the crowd get benumbed by the constant victories.

But to be superheroes, you must win. The storybook plot that the WWE created for John Cena somewhere went horribly off track, and now the company stares into something unprecedented.

A superhero being rejected by his own people.

All of the superstars that Cena has had to deal with lack the certain element that drives him to the edge of the abyss and back.

The Joker poses an unrivaled threat to Batman, testing him to see his real fortitude. Joker exemplifies what a villain must have to make the superhero loved by us fans.

WWE, however, had the chance but failed to produce the one superstar with the perfect amalgamation.

The superstar was there, produced and ready to battle Cena for his impenetrable crown. Yet his face turn completely abolished any hope for a showdown with "our" hero.

The person that I'm talking about is of course, the beloved CM Punk. Punk seems to have everything to pose a viable threat to Super Cena's status.

However with that "everything," crowd favoritism was one that should not have been there.

Somewhere along the line, Punk started to gain followers of all sorts. He was a heel when he carried out the infamous Raw promo.

Everything that was said oozed the aura of a heel, yet fans engaged with it and began cheering for our only hope of Doomsday.

Eventually, we came to where we stand today. A full blown face turn that serves completely no purpose for Punk nor Cena.

Traditionally, villains are hated and despised by everyone. Yet in the WWE, the fact that faces are orientated to the younger audience, we find the need to seek solace in the heels that attempt to break this facade.

If Punk is to remain the goody that he is, then the only plausible way to eradicate Cena's failed superhero attempt is to do something that fans have touted for years on end. A turn to the dark side.

Cena strives to entertain, spends much time with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and gives us unequivocal love. When his reason for working doesn't give the same love back, maybe it's time to join the villains.

The Chain Gang leader faces no competition by his adversaries with all his previous opponents having been comprehensively defeated.

Us fans are tired of seeing him prevail against inadequate opponents with little or no chance of success.  

All we want is to see a real threat to Cena's throne, and then he'll find the love that he deserves.

Super Cena continues his search for the paramount Doomsday, and whilst he awaits, maybe Cena's peeking into the wardrobe of evil.