Clan B/R WDC Round Three: Ryan Wood, Billy Sexton, and McLaren Dominate Monaco

Clan Bleacher Report BATracerdotcomContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Monaco Results Are In!

Ryan Wood Leads From Start To Finish!

The sun was blazing at the palace of kings in Monaco for the sixth round of the Bleacher Report World Championship and the pit girls were exceptionally sweet today...

We witnessed a dominating performance by Wood/McLaren and teammate Sexton/McLaren today, an amazing performance that bodes poorly for the rest of the field this season now that it's found its legs.

The teams were uncharacteristically spread across the grid at the start with only the McLarens matched up in the top half of the field with Wood on Point and Sexton in 4th.

2nd in Qualifying, Shakeri showed his usual speed in the Toro Rosso only missing top spot by .043. Burgess/Red Bull somehow pulled a fast one and Q'd in third and by god that Honda made the top five with Di Matteo only .322 seconds off Sexton's fourth slot...who is this guy?

Devereaux/Renault, Poole/Ferrari and Masiero/BMW Sauber finished the grid's top half out.

A side-note, Chalmers/Red Bull...whom we haven't seen in the paddock since Istanbul warmups...was rumoured to be in a local brig after being arrested naked in a casino lobby being carried to the hotel pool on the shoulders of the Toro Rosso pit His team bravely carried on sans driver...and trousers.

L1-L19: The first quarter of the race low lights saw Griffin/Toro Rosso and Venkatachalam/Toyota spin tires badly and the missing Chalmers/Red Bull has it's calipers fall off at the green. The Di Matteo/Honda Solo had fuel issues and pitted on eight.
L20: Finds the top four relatively unchanged even with Shakeri/Toro Rosso taking a five second pit for a gearbox tweak. The McLarens both finally took their place at the top of the order.

L27: The first shunt occurs with the now snakebit Griffin/Toro Rosso punting Di Matteo/Honda Solo on a blocking move...Griffin/Toro Rosso retires. Di Matteo is damaged and slowed.

L31: Damico/Renault suffers a throttle breakage and retires...a .25P part breaks on a $200 million car? Please.

L39: By the halfway mark the Hotel Croupier/Red Bull subbing for Chalmers/Red Bull has advanced to 11th place! His teammate has returned to his customary place at mid-pack...dammit.

L42: Hotel Croupier/Red Bull has misplaced a gear and amazingly keeps his place after pitting for repairs...who is THIS guy?

L44-L77: The Ferrari Team made it's move to the front during this stretch, other than that and everyone pitting...nothing happened.

L78: Wood/McLaren wins with teammate Sexton/McLaren in second. Third finisher Shakeri/Toro Rosso pulls off the fastest lap of the day 1:13.257 while vainly chasing Sexton/McLaren.

The Ferrari team had a quiet day before clawing their way back into the top five with Flinn/Ferrari finishing fourth and Poole/Ferrari a 19+ seconds back in fifth.

Hounding Poole/Ferrari at the end was the Burgess/Red Bull 1.4 seconds back in sixth. Rumour is that he's looking to pound teammate Chalmers/Red Bull's head and hand the drive over to Hotel Croupier/Red Bull for the rest of the season.

Masiero/BMW Sauber stays on the lead lap in seventh with a brave drive in a diminished car.

Crowd favorite Di Matteo recovers from his thumping but just misses points in ninth after chasing down Deveraeux/Renault in eighth, both a lap down to the leaders.

Andrew/BMW finishes in 10th a lap down.

Hotel Croupier/Red Bull brings his limping car home four laps down in 11th place at the finish. Let's hope Chalmers/Red Bull can keep his job after this fiasco and not end up like Scott Speed/Toro Rosso.

Mills/Williams comes home 12th and Venkatachalam/Toyota is two laps down in 13th after his first lap debacle.

Another run is in the books children.

Join us for the final race run at historic Montreal, the final stop for Formula One in North American history. It's rough and bumpy but we loved Ilse Notre dame...Damn you Bernie, Gilles deserves better.