UFC Bragging Rights: Fantasy MMA League, Check Out Your Team !

Mike DAnalyst INovember 20, 2011

Could this be yours ?
Could this be yours ?Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Updated June 11th.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally have a trade !!!

Please remember that only one ADD / DROP is allowed at the end of each month, but Trading is UNLIMITED (and encouraged).

On March 2nd, a 3 way trade was executed -

Mac Michaud traded Mayhem Miller to BabyJ Clay for Paulo Thiago.

Mike D (me) traded Fabricio Werdum and Constantinos Philippou to Mac Michaud for Paulo Thiago and Miguel Torres.


So the 6 p.m. Eastern Time Zone deadline has come and gone. The Bleacher Report UFC Fantasy Football League has been drafted. A nice showing of 23 total UFC junkies participated in the league.

The draft order was picked out of a hat by my girl who thinks MMA stands for “Magical Make-Up Artist.” Here is the order of the draft:

1)  JoAnna Brumbaugh 

2)  Matthew Johnson


3)  Spencer Tucksen—Team Buffalo Jackasses

4)  Dan Hiergesell—Fists Of Florian (very ironic…more on that later)

5)  Nedu Obi—Nedu Par Excellence

6)  Kyle Symes—Team Slick-Jits

7)  Matthew Cheo—The Warriors

8)  Sean Smith—Team Cage Warriors

9)  Gregory Chase—Team Fighter’s Creed

10)  Robert Aaron Contreras

11)  Juan Carlos Guererro

12)  Andrew Brining—Team Pro-Flo

13)  Darren Wong—Team D-Dub

14)  Todd Jackson—The Action Jacksons

15)  Mac Michaud

16)  Dale De Souza—Squad DDS


17)  Rafael Juarez—The Expendables


18)  Mike D—Team Irish (that’s me)

19)  Jacob Schmidt

20)  Flyin’ Hawaiian—Team Hawaii

21)  Sean Kaufman

22)  Tim McTiernan—TMT Fight Team23)  William Frank—Brown Bombers


Later Entries :


Jeff Wackerly - Team WackAttack

Van Schmidt - Team Van Damage

Vince Carey - Team inVINCEable

BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss

Alex Ballentine - Team Global Assault



First off, let me congratulate each and every member for submitting a well-thought-out list of 50 fighters. It was shocking how different everyone’s lists were, so it’s proof positive nobody simply copied and pasted a generic top 50 pound-for-pound list.



Many of the lists I received were incredibly in tune to which fighters are destined for glory in late 2011 and all of 2012.

Before we get to what everyone came to see, here are a few disclaimers. I have loosened up my stance on "you are stuck with these five fightesr no matter what." You may choose a different fighter only under these circumstances:

1)  Your fighter officially retires or is released

2)  Your fighter is officially suspended (not medical suspensions, must be along the lines of drug suspensions).

3)   Your fighter gets injured (again, not a pulled hamstring. I’m talking about something along the lines of Frank Mir’s motorcycle accident or some sort of broken limb)

Taking into account the previously stated rules, I intentionally omitted Miguel Torres and BJ Penn from everyone’s list. Everyone else was fair game.

Here are the results of the Bleacher Report UFC Fantasy League: 


JoAnna Brumbaugh

Rampage Jackson

Rashad Evans

Mark Munoz

Stephan Bonnar

Matt Brown


Matthew Johnson

Anderson Silva

Jake Ellenberger

Brian Stann

Terry Etim

Ross Pearson


Spencer Tucksen—Buffalo Jackasses

Jon Jones

Renan Barao

Chris Weidman

Thiago Silva

Krzystof Soszynski


Dan Hiergesell—Fists Of Florian

Junior Dos Santos

Jon Fitch

Alan Belcher

Hector Lombard

Michael Bisping


Nedu Obi—Nedu Par Excellence

Cain Velasquez

Phil Davis

Nick Denis

Johnny Hendricks

Diego Nunes


Kyle Symes—Team Slick-Jits

Frankie Edgar

Gray Maynard

Scott Jorgenson

Demian Maia

George Sotiropoulos


Matthew Cheo—The Warriors

Georges St. Pierre

Lyoto Machida

Matt Hughes

Forrest Griffin

Rich Franklin


Sean Smith—Cage Warriors

Jose Aldo

Demetrious Johnson

Nate Diaz

Jim Miller

Ed Herman


Gregory ChaseThe Fighter’s Creed

Melvin Guillard

Anthony Pettis

Ryan Bader

Brian Bowles

Rick Story

Robert Aaron Contreras

Michael McDonald

Rory MacDonald

Travis Browne

Lance Benoist

Clifford Starks


Juan Carlos Guererro

Joseph Benavidez

Erik Koch

Edson Barbosa

Evan Dunham

Sean Sherk


Andrew Brining—Team Pro-Flo

Glover Texteira

Gilbert Melendez

Patrick Cote

James Te-Huna

John Dodson


Darren Wong—Team D-Dub

Chael Sonnen

Mark Hominick

Erick Silva

Daniel Roberts

Amir Sadollah


Todd Jackson—Team Action Jacksons

Dan Henderson

Clay Guida

Diego Brandao

Dong Hyun Kim

Pat Barry


Mac Michaud

Carlos Condit

Fabricio Werdum

Constantinos Philippou

Martin Kampmann

Ian McCall


Dale De Souza—Squad DDS

Frank Mir

Hatsu Hioki

Chan Sung Jung

Kid Yamamoto

Edwin Figueroa


Rafael Juarez—The Expendables

Shogun Rua

Wanderlei Silva

Big Nog

Yoshihiro Akiyama

Charlie Brenneman


Mike D—Team Irish (Me)

Donald Cerrone

Josh Koscheck

Mike Swick

C.B. Dolloway

Josh Neer


Jacob Schmidt

Benson Henderson

Chad Mendes

Joe Lauzon

Stephen Thompson

Court McGee


Flyin’ Hawaiian—Team Hawaii

Nick Diaz

Vitor Belfort

Sam Stout

Yushin Okami

Rousimar Palhares


Sean Kaufman

Alistair Overeem

Dustin Poirier

Diego Sanchez

Stanislav Nedkov

Brian Ebersole


Tim McTiernan—TMT Fight Team

Jimmy Hettes

Alexander Gustafsson

Paul Sass

Dave Herman

Charles Oliveira


William Frank—Brown Bombers

Urijah Faber

Jake Shields

Matt Mitrione

Stephan Struve

Vlad Matyushenko


EDIT - we have some late entries.


Jeff Wackerly - Team WackAttack

Thiago Tavares

Mark Bocek

Duane Ludwig

Mike Brown

Kamal Shalorus

Van Schmidt - Team VanDamage:

Nam Phan

Antonio Bigfoot Silva

Johnny Bedford

TJ Dillashaw

Yasuhiro Urushitani


Vince Carey - Team inVINCEable

Takeya Mizugaki

Siyar Bahadurzada

Lavar Johnson

Che Mills

Bart Palaszewski

BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss

Takanori Gomi

Dan Hardy

Josh Barnett

Jason Miller

Kyle Noke


Alex Ballentine - Team Global Assault

Dennis Bermudez

John Cholish

Maximo Blanco

Francis Carmont


Igor Pokrajac


Those are the complete rosters. Again, thanks to all that joined. I will do all of the leg work (i.e. keeping track of the statistics). Please feel free to private message me or email (md1020@hotmail.com) with any questions/concerns.


I wish you all the best of luck. At the end of every month, I will be posting the complete statistics.

In the words of Super Hero Herb Dean, “Are you ready to fight?—are you ready to fight?"...Then Let’s Go !!!


Results as of 12/1/2012


Mike D - 20 points

- Little Nog stoppage of Tito Ortiz

- Gabriel Gonzaga stoppage victory over Oliveira

- Josh Neer stoppage victory over Ludwig

- Josh Koscheck decision victory over Mike Pierce

- Fabricio Werdum decision victory over Roy Nelson

- Donald Cerrone decision victory over Jeremy Stephens

- C.B. Dolloway decision victory over Jason Miller


Sean Smith – 19 points

- Nate Diaz decision victory over Donald Cerrone

- Mike Pyle stoppage victory over Funch

- Jose Aldo stoppage victory over Mendes

- Jim Miller stoppage victory over Guillard

- Demetrious Johnson Draw vs. Ian McCall

- Nate Diaz stoppage victory over Jim Miller

Dale De Souza - 14 points

- Frank Mir stoppage of Big Nog

- Chan Sung Jung stoppage of Mark Hominick

- Hatsu Hioki decision victory over Palaszewski

- Chan Sung Jung stoppage victory over Poirer


Tim McTiernan – 14 points

- Alexander Gustafsson stoppage of The Janitor

- Ed Herman stoppage victory over Starks

- Alexander Gustafsson decision victory over Thiago Silva

- Paul Sass stoppage victory over Volkmann


Nedu Obi – 12 points

- Diego Nunes decision victory over Manny Gamburyan

- Johnny Hendriks stoppage of Jon Fitch

- Johnny Hendriks decision victory over Josh Koscheck

- Cain Velasquez stoppage victory over Bigfoot Silva


Robert Aaron Contreras - 12 points

- Travis Browne stoppage victory over Griggs

- Michael McDonald stoppage victory over Miguel Torres

- Rory McDonald stoppage victory over Che Mills


Spencer Tucksen – 12 points

- Jon Jones stoppage of Lyoto Machida (Championship Bout)

- Chris Weidman decision victory over Maia

- Renan Barao decision victory over Jorgenson

- Jon Jones decision victory over Rashad Evans (Championship Bout)


Juan Carlos Guerrero - 12 points

- Edson Barbosa stoppage victory over Etim 

- Evan Dunham stoppage victory over Lentz 

- Joe Benevidez stoppage victory over Urushitani 


Mac Michuad - 10 points

- Carlos Condit decision victory over Nick Diaz (Championship Match)

- Constantinos Philippou decision victory over Court McGee

- Ian McCall Draw vs. D.Johnson

- Martin Kampmann stoppage victory over Thiago Alves

William Frank—Brown Bombers - 10 points

- Stephan Struve stoppage victory over Dave Herman

- Jake Shields decision victory over Akiyama

- Stephan Struve stoppage victory over Lavar Johnson


Sean Kaufman – 10 points

- Alistair Overeem stoppage of Brock Lesnar


- Brian Ebersole decision victory over Claude Patrick

- Dustin Poirier stoppage victory over Holloway


Dan Hiergesell - Fists of Florian - 9 points

- Alan Belcher stoppage victory over Poulhares 

- Junior Dos Santos stoppage victory over Frank Mir (Championship Match)


JoAnna Brumbaugh - 9 points

- Rashad Evans decision victory over Davis

- Matt Brown stoppage victory over Chris Cope

- Matt Brown decision victory over Stephen Thompson


BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss - 8 points

- Takanori Gomi stoppage victory over Mitsuoka

- Simeon Thoresen stoppage victory over Yousef


Flyin' Hawaiian - 8 points

- Rousimar Palhares stoppage over Massenzio

- Vitor Belfort stoppage victory over Anthony Johnson


Vince Carey - Team inVINCEable - 8 points

- Lavar Johnson Stoppage victory over Pat Barry 

- Siyar Bahadurzada stoppage victory over Paulo Thiago


Jeff Wackerly - 8 points

- Thiago Tavarez decision victory over Stout

- Mark Bocek decision victory over Nik Lentz

- Mark Bocek decision victory over John Allesio

- Mike Brown decision victory over Pineda


Matthew Johnson – 8 points

- Ross Pearson decision victory over Junior Assuncao

- Jake Ellenberger decision victory over Diego Sanchez

- Brian Stann stoppage victory over Sakara


Jacob Schmidt - 7 points

- Stephen Thompson stoppage victory over Stittgen

- Benson Henderson decision victory over Edgar (Championship Match)


Alex Ballentine - 6 points

- Francis Carmont stoppage victory over Cedenblad

- Dennis Bermudez decision victory over Garza


Gregory ChaseThe Fighter’s Creed -6 points

- Anthony Pettis stoppage victory over Joe Lauzon

- Ryan Bader decision victory over Rampage


Todd Jackson – 6 points

- Pat Barry stoppage victory over Morecraft

- Dong Hyun Kim decision victory over Sean Pierson


Andrew Brining - 6 points

- James Te-Huna stoppage over Aaron Rosa

- John Dodson decision victory over Elliot


Darren Wong - 4 points

- Chael Sonnen decision victory over Bisping

- Amir Sadollah decision victory over Jorge Lopez

Rafael Juarez - 2 points

- Charlie Brenneman decision victory over Daniel Roberts


Van Schmidt - Team VanDamage - 2 points

- T.J. Dillashaw decision victory over Walel Watson



End of Month Transactions


JoAnna Brumbaugh

Dropped : Chris Cariaso

Added : Matt Brown


Tim McTiernan

Dropped : Brock Lesnar (retirement)

Added : Jimmy Hettes


Nedu Obi


February 2nd -

Dropped - Anthony Johnson

Added - Nick "Ninja of Love" Denis


Sean Smith

Dropped : Tito Ortiz

Added : Mike Pyle


Mac Michaud

Dropped : Pablo Garza

Added : Ian McCall

February 29th :

Dropped : Thiago Alves

Added : Miquel Torres


Robert Aaron Contreras

February 2nd -


drop James Te-Huna and add Michael Kuiper

February 29th -

Dropped : Kuiper

Added - Aaron Rosa


Mike D (me)

Dropped : Paulo Thiago (broken elbow) and Little Nog

Added : Josh Neer and Gabriel Gonzaga


January 31st

Dropped : Gabriel Gonzaga

Added :Fabricio Werdum



February 29th

Dropped : Cheick Kongo

Added : Constantinos Philippou


April 30th

Dropped : Paulo Thiago

Added : C.B. Dolloway


May 31st

Dropped : Miguel Torres

Added : Jonathan Brookins


June 30th

Dropped : Jonathan Brookins

Added : Tito Ortiz



Added : Cheick Kongo

Dropped : Tito Ortiz



Andrew Brining (Team Pro-Flo)

Dropped : Anthony Njokuani

Added : BJ Penn


February 29th:

Dropped : BJ Penn

Added James Te-Huna


May 31st :

Injury Replacement :

Dropped : Dominick Cruz

Added : Glover Texteira

Dropped : Tony Ferguson

Added : Patrick Cote


Jacob Schmidt

Dropped : Cung Le

Added : Stephen Thompson


February 28th

Dropped : Roy Nelson

Added : Court McGee


BabyJ Clay

Dropped : Tito Ortiz

Added : Simeon Thoresen


May 31st

Dropped : Simeon Thoresen

Added : Dan Hardy


July 31st

Dropped : Cheick Kongo

Added : Mike Swick


Alex Ballentine

Dropped : Papy Abedi 

Added : John Cholish 


Dan Hiergesell

Injury Drop / Add

Dropped - Kenny Florian

Dropped - Shane Carwin

Added - Alan Belcher

Added - Hector Lombard


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