Will Wade Barrett Become England's First WWE World Champion?

Pavitar SidhuCorrespondent INovember 29, 2011

Once again, Wade Barrett is finally being used properly again. If  the World Wrestling Entertainment messes his push up again, then it will permanently ruin his career. Since he won't be able to recover. So, will he be England's first WWE world champion?

At Survivors Series on Sunday, Wade Barrett pinned down Randy Orton to pick up the victory for his team. When he was interviewed afterwards, he stated that he would become England’s first WWE world champion. How much of a valid claim does Wade Barrett actually have?

If we look at the great English wrestlers in the past, then it is true that no one has been the number one man in the WWE. Davey Boy Smith came the closest by having several title matches in his time with the WWE, but never actually won.

Just by looking at the history books we know that it is entirely possible that he could make that claim. However, does he have the necessary attributes to hold the title?

The WWE fan’s first site of Wade Barrett was WWE NXT season one. He went on to win the show. As a result, he gained his first taste of the main event scene—the winner of WWE NXT was granted a title match of his choice. It was clear during his tenure in the WWE NXT that he was quite possibly the best talent there—with the possible exception of Daniel Bryan.

After WWE NXT, he went on to be in the main event for quite some time. In fact, for the second half of 2010. It was rare to see an episode of the WWE Raw without him featured in the main event in some way shape or form.

First of all, it was with Nexus. Wade not only had managed to create havoc on Monday night Raw, but he had done something never done before. He managed to band together eight wrestlers who were not part of WWE Raw at all at this point. Then he put them into a cohesive unit.

Nexus, with Barrett as their leader, went on to dominate for months. It culminated their feud with John Cena—once again, maintaining Barrett as a main event player.

Once the Nexus (and later The Corre) disbanded; however, Wade Barrett needed to find a character that worked for him. In truth, so far he has not been successful. For months now, even before The Corre disbanded, Barrett has floundered at mid-card level. He has struggled to be noticed.

In recent weeks, we have seen Barrett being pushed into the forefront once again. The Barrett Barrage seems to be going down well with fans. There is no doubt that WWE management have faith in him to at least be working at the top level of the business. His feud with Randy Orton that is currently developing, will certainly help.

Barrett is, in my opinion, one of the best wrestlers currently on either roster. His in ring work is superb, although flaws can still be seen. His flaws can be passed off as inexperience. As Barrett grows and learns; those flaws will start to dissipate.

He is also one of the best talkers in WWE at the moment. Whether fans love him or hate him they always pay attention to what Barrett has to say. Although, I personally cannot remember any of his promo’s really standing out. It is the overall quality of his mic work that makes me notice. In which I think, is a major key to his success. He constantly delivers decent promos. There is no point in him having a few standout promos, if the rest are going to be terrible.

Barrett has all the necessary tools to become a WWE world champion. He is certainly being pushed to that level. It also appears that there are no other English wrestlers who will be up at the same level as him anytime soon. In fact, the only other English wrestler I can think of on the active roster is William Regal. As talented as he is though, he is now past his prime.

So will Barrett be the first English WWE World Champion? In my opinion, it is a resounding yes!

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