WWE Survivor Series: My Random Thoughts on WWE Survivor Series

Randy ReedContributor IINovember 21, 2011

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I decided to watch Survivor Series at a WWE blast area here in Washington DC because there was no way I was going to pay for this pay-per-view.

That being said, I went out to watch, initially thinking I had made a big mistake.  Once you watch HD television, there's no going back to standard definition.  Yes, the establishment I went to tonight with my friend showed WWE Survivor Series in standard definition, and it bothered me for the whole night.

Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison were up first.  At one point in the match Ziggler was out on the floor and the referee began the 10 count.  Morrison broke the count and threw him back into the ring.  Why would he do something like that if the goal is to win the match?  That stood out to me because it's that kind of lack in logic that really bothers me.

The crowd at the blast area dug the divas for like two seconds; then the match actually started and no one cared.  I thought this match was kind of a waste, and Eve attempted some new "Stink Face" type of move that did not look too cute.  The ladies just need to chill with all that stink stuff if you ask me.

There was a promo with Ortonga and CM Punk backstage, which was then followed by a five-minute promo by The Rock.  The backstage promo stuff made the pay-per-view feel more like an episode of Raw which I did not like, but The Rock's promo was really good, and I would recommend you guys to check it out on YouTube.  

The traditional Survivor Series match left me very disappointed.  The whole appeal of a traditional Survivor Series match was putting "really over" guys on teams which would make for interesting, fresh combinations in the ring.  We have seen all the guys in the ring tonight work together in some fashion or form too many times, and none of them except Orton are really over.  It was really funny how in the middle of the match, the crowd started to chant "it's Batista" at Mason Ryan though.

The Mark Henry-Big Show match was not bad.  My friend and I spent the whole match talking about how slow they both move.  They are so slow. I mean they really looked like they were moving in slow motion the whole time.  They did some good teases in the match, playing off their last meeting at Vengeance when the ring broke.   The Big Show’s top rope move was really cool looking, though Booker oversold it.  He said something like it was the greatest thing of all time; that just sounds stupid if you ask me.

I figured CM Punk would win.  Punk asked Fink to announce for him, and I thought this was a nice touch, as the Fink looked really emotional while announcing.  Now that CM Punk is the champion, again, expect for him to have the belt for like two weeks before it's someone else's turn.

And finally, the main event overall was OK.  The Rock looked great, and that was nice to see, but the booking did nothing for me in this match.  I mean The Rock was liked by everyone, and Cena hated by all, making this the perfect time to turn him and have a clear heel for the match at WrestleMania.  

As of right now though, there is no real heat between Rock and Cena, and it really makes no sense as to why they're fighting.

WWE Survivor Series had some good matches and a hot, supportive crowd, but the devil is always in the details, and the details are what the WWE always seem to get wrong.  So I'm definitely glad I got to hang out with my friend and watch the pay-per-view for free, because as much as I enjoyed this pay-per-view, there was no way I was going to pay 50 bucks for it.