Sidney Crosby: Punk of the NHL

Ranger NationCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

There is a difference between being "The Golden Child" and just a plain, old punk.

Being a plain, old punk is what Sidney Crosby is.

We can put up with the constant whining and marketing of this guy, but what was done on December 18th against the Atlanta Thrashers was uncalled for.

While Penguins teammate Kris Letang had Atlanta's Boris Valabik on the floor during a scuffle, "Sid the Punk" skated over and laid cheap-shot after cheap-shot on Valabik's head, one actually hitting Valabik in the private region.

Now here is my question: What is Gary Bettman going to do with his Golden Child now?

If Marty McSorely, Todd Bertuzzi, Chris Simon and others can be suspended for cheap hits and attacks, then Sidney Crosby should be suspended for at least 15 games.

Really, Sean Avery even got six games for saying "sloppy seconds".

Wake up, Commissioner Bettman. Not only are you losing fans of the game lately with your poor marketing schemes, but if you let "Sid the Punk" get away with this, you are going to lose a lot more than just fans.