Tim Tebow: 3 Reasons Why Broncos QB Will Beat Philip Rivers' Chargers

Jason HeimCorrespondent INovember 21, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 19:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos celebrates after he ran in for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 19, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Tim Tebow's impact on the Denver Broncos has been nothing short of amazing, hasn't it?

The second-year QB has used smoke and mirrors, employing an unconventional style, to guide his team out of the AFC West cellar and into second with a 3-1 stretch that no one saw coming.

But is he really using smoke and mirrors, or is Tebow's and Denver's success something they can sustain through the last six games and possibly clinch a playoff berth?

Looking deep into the box score, there are strong indications that the Broncos might be a lot better with Tebow leading them instead of experiencing some temporary high. 

There are three indicators pointing to Denver's upward ascent going even higher, starting with Thanksgiving weekend's crucial tilt with the bumbling San Diego Chargers.


1. Tim Tebow has swung the time of possession battle in Denver's favor

For a team with minuscule offensive firepower and a mediocre defense like Denver, controlling the ball is paramount. Keeping opposing offenses, and your defense, off the field greatly increases the probability of playing in a close game and being able to dictate some of the important moments. 

Since Tebow took over after a Week 8 blowout by Detroit, the Broncos have won the possession battle in all but one game, which they still won.

This trend bodes well against the Chargers, who are last in the NFL in turnovers and in turnover margin. Philip Rivers can't do anything right this year, even when he just wants to throw the ball away. Norv Turner's face is priceless after that heinous throw.


2. Tim Tebow has turned the Broncos into a force in the running game

All of a sudden, the Broncos, with Willis McGahee as their lead runner, rank fourth in the NFL in rushing attempts, yards per rush, and rush yards per game. With Tebow chipping in over 80 yards per game on the ground, Denver has become very difficult to stop by virtue of not knowing who is going to carry the ball. 

The Chargers are 21st in yards per carry allowed and 23rd in rush yards allowed per game, which has to have Denver coach John Fox salivating to turn the game into a slow down game controlled by his methodical grinding and not Norv Turner's air attack.


3. Tim Tebow has mitigated Denver's turnovers

In the last three games, the Broncos lead the league with ZERO turnovers, while still standing at 11th for the season. That speaks to how much the offense turned the ball over when Kyle Orton was at the helm, and how improved it is with Tebow in the turnover column. 

During that same time span, the Chargers rank third to last in turnovers, averaging two per game. If Denver wins the turnover margin by two in this game, they should be able to run the ball to Fox's heart is content while making San Diego abandon its running game for the pass, which is where all the Chargers' mistakes take place.

These three indicators are not flukes; they are tried and true harbingers of success for any NFL team. If the Broncos continue to excel in time of possession, the running game and win the turnover battle, they just might pull the rug out from under the AFC West and ride into the postseason on their Tebow steed.



Prediction: Broncos 20, Chargers 17