Why American WWE Fans Should Be Watching NXT, Superstars Online Every Week

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2011

Wait, I know what you are thinking, and I want you to just listen first.

WWE NXT and Superstars are not better shows than Raw or SmackDown as far as entertainment quality as a whole.

They are actually pretty lousy with their writing in general.

However, they both deserve your attention each week.


Because they are exactly what most WWE fans are fighting for.

Superstars and NXT show us one of the most important aspects of the company that we beg to see more on the main shows.

NXT takes a bunch of young rookies and allows them to grow into future stars. If that was all it was, I would personally just watch FCW; however, there is more.

It creates unique stories for the underappreciated.

Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu had one of the best feuds this year on NXT (I'm not joking).

The two put up consistently great matches with some funny aspects and some great in-ring story-telling. Couple it with bringing back Tatsu under a new gimmick with his half-painted face and less ridiculous attitude and you had a real winner.

Now, the Usos and Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks have been putting some great tag team showings that remind us again and again that there are more tag teams than just Air Boom out there.

On Superstars, we see some of the best and most unappreciated stars put on some of the best matches of the week consistently. Just recently, William Regal faced Daniel Bryan in England in a hard fought, must-watch matchup.

Other guys who have shined on the show include Tyler Reks, Chris Masters (before he left), Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder (before he even became popular), Yoshi Tatsu, Drew McIntyre, and Tyson Kidd.

What these shows do more than either Raw or SmackDown is they truly put over all their talent. No one is a jobber or an after thought. These guys are allowed to go out and work them themselves raw for the fans.

Fans of WWE owe it to those stars to watch these shows. These shows create new stars and allow even the most underappreciated stars to shine.

I know I am not the only one who wants to see Tyson Kidd or Drew McIntyre or Curt Hawkins succeeding on a grander scale. Well, the best way that we can show that we care about these lower card workers is by watching their work when it happens.

Sure, we can all complain that a star is being buried or kept of television when they are on Superstars or NXT, but, in reality, they are being giving a chance that no one is giving credence to.

I also note that commentary is 10 times better on these shows. People who usually do commentary include Matt Striker (who has proven through NXT that he can wrestle with the best of them if given the chance), William Regal, and Jack Korpela. Honestly, all three are better than anyone currently on either show.

If you are a fan of professional wrestling, it is in your best interest and in the interest of many great pro wrestlers that you watch NXT and Superstars which will give you back some of the best wrestling of the week every week.

Why spend twenty to thirty minutes watching guys like Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, and David Otunga when you can spend that time watching guys like Kidd, Tatsu, Hawkins, and Reks?

The answer is simple: watch the real wrestlers.

Thanks for reading!


(Final minute of Tatsu/Kidd match: here)