NBA's Plans For Global Expansion

Parker DonatContributor IDecember 20, 2008


Who the NBA?

Most NBA fans know the inevitable change the NBA is going through global expansion because of the worldwide popularity of basketball.

Rightly so, it's good business.

The NBA merchandising revenues jumped 40 percent in Europe and 60 percent in China, says Emillo Collings, the NBA vice president of development overseas.

NBA Commissioner David Stern couldn't be more pleased with the popularity of the Beijing Olympics. It was considered a fan favorite at the games. Even more of a reason to be happy is the recent announcement of the London Olympics in 2012, causing several potential NBA-ready arenas to be built in Europe.

Europe has been the buzz of the NBA for potential expansion for years. Now that the summer Olympics are finally going to Europe, the NBA is salivating at the chops. Plans to promote the league’s new expansion involve building corporate sponsorships, season-ticket basses, and top venues.

Some critics speculate that London is the perfect stepping stool for the NBA to announce of David Stern’s vision of five new teams added to the league over the next 10 years.

However, Stern's main concerns are NBA-ready arenas, corporate sponsorships, and adequate time for ticket base.

"You cannot force a league into a continent," Stern said. "You cannot push it through. It has to be pulled through."

In the economic situation some teams have in the NBA, Seattle being one, the search for extra revenue overseas remains on top of the priority list for the NBA.