Pacquiao—Hatton, Who's Gonna Win?

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IDecember 20, 2008

Rumors are already flooding the internet of a mega fight that will showcase two of the best, charismatic and most exciting fighters in the planet. Manny Pacquaio—Ricky Hatton.

Pacquiao is coming off his eight-round destruction of Oscar De La Hoya on December 6, while Hatton stopped Paulie Malignaggi in the 11th round on November 22. This fight figures to be perhaps the most anticipated of 2009, as each man brings a sizable and passionate fan base to the dance.

While both fighters are looking out to be in the best shape of their life, they also have advantages and disadvantages. it's about time to analyze each fighter's strenghts and weaknesses.



 Pacquiao has been very dominant in his recent outings in different weight classes against David Diaz and De La Hoya respectively. he showed that he can bring his power in heavier divisions, perhaps maximize it, Hatton on the other hand is very consistent on knocking out each and every challenger that comes his way (with exception to floyd). He uses his brute strenght and samson-like prowess to his advantage. Edge—close call but Hatton is stronger by a quarter pound.


Speed and Agility

Hatton is quick and agile compared to other super lightweights but i'll make it straight to the point Pacquiao is the human version of  the flash. not only fast on his feet (like Floyd) but also fast on his hands. Edge—Pacquaio via no contest.



Both of these guys had made a name for themselves to be one of those in your face, i-dont-care-about-defense, relentless, non-stop punching machines. they are the most exciting brawlers, but through the years Pacquiao has learned to fight systematically, he molds to be a tactician with a heavy punch while Hatton is still very dangerous, he can be an easy target for Pacquiao's in and out offense. Edge—Pacquiao, but Hatton still has the puncher's chance.



Pacquaio has improved tremendously with his defense as evidence were his last two fights of the year, Hatton is not your usual defensive fighter but also shows a dcent defense. Edge—Pacquaio got my nod.


Stamina and Conditioning

Pacquaio has been training hard on his matches on the other hand Hatton is busy in his beer drinking sessions. Edge - are you serious, the way i analyze it, it's obviously Pacquiao.



Both fighters have been knockout and knockdown before, Pacquiao was knocked out by two mini-humans a.k.a. flyweights. Hatton was knocked out in the welterweight division (floyd again) above all both fighters have develop a heavy metal chin. Edge—Hatton (although Pacquaio also has a terrific chin).



 Freddie Roach has proved himself to be one of the best thinkers in the sport, and perhaps also the best in dishing out cheap shots. Maywether Sr. has his say on that and always has a case for himself. Edge—Pacquiao, too close to call but many got my nod.


Competition and Experince

Both fighters have fought with the best, Hatton has fought against the likes of Kostya Tszyu (W KO11), Jose Luis Castillo (W KO4), Malignaggi (W KO11) and Mayweather (L KO10) while Pacquaio also has his own fair share of great fighters, mostly mexicans against, Erik Morales (2W-1L), Juan Manuel Marquez (1W-1D), Marco Antonio Barrera (2W) and De La Hoya(W KO8). Edge—we have ourselves a tie.



Pacquaio has been developed by Roach as a thinking fighter, more patient and controlled, while Hatton remains to be very aggresive to the point of exposing himself (ask floyd). Edge—Pacquaio.


Heart and Character

Pacquaio's heart have been tested many times before first against his loss to Morales, wherein he fought courageously not minding the fact that blood is spilling all over his face, Marquez also and always will test Pacquaio's Heart. On the contrary Hatton has never been tested in tough situations but i commend him in his fight against Mayweather. (He wants to continue even after the referee called a halt) Edge—Pacquaio.

In summary, Pacquaio thinks before he acts (and he acts fast), while Hatton acts before he thinks (and is a step slower). Pac can outbox Hatton but Hatton can brawl against pac. This fight will surely be the best fight of 2009, the most explosive, the most anticipated and the most action-packed. It's a close fight probably Hatton is a slight underdog but you can never count the man out. In the end I'll go with Pacquaio winning on points.