New York Giants: 5 Giants Who Need to Step Up in Week 12

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2011

New York Giants: 5 Giants Who Need to Step Up in Week 12

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    After the New York Giants' embarrassing 17-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, it's pretty obvious some people here are to blame and need to step up come Week 12.

    Some of the blame will go on the coaching staff, while other blame will be accessed to the players who just didn't bring it last Sunday night. 

    This was really a pathetic loss, as the Giants needed to win to bolster their playoffs hopes. Now the G-Men are tied with the Cowboys for first in the division, and the Eagles still have slim playoff hopes. 

New York Giants' Offensive Line

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    I'm just going to start off here, because this was just pathetic. How do you allow yourself to get manhandled by the front seven of any team like that?

    No offensive line in the league can play the way the Giants did last Sunday and expect to be playing in the postseason when it's all said and done. 

    Between false starts, holding calls and just lack of effort, the Giants' offensive line needs to step up. 

Perry Fewell

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    Perry Fewell hasn't done an amazing job this season, but he's done his job well enough to win some games for the New York Giants. 

    The pass-rush has been fantastic, with 31 sacks on the year, but how do you allow your defense to give up a game-winning 18-play drive to Vince Young in the fourth quarter?

    That drive took up almost nine minutes off the clock, and was an overall sorry effort from the G-Men. Fewell needed to rally to troops and muster a stop, but it just didn't happen. 

Brandon Jacobs

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    The New York Giants' offensive line didn't help Brandon Jacobs out by any means, but my Grandma could get 21 yards on 12 carries. 

    Even after the Giants' pitiful performance on the ground against the Eagles last Sunday, the Eagles' opponent rushing yards average per game is still over 110!

    Jacobs' attitude and lack of product has earned him boos from Giants fans, and rightfully so.

Kevin Gilbride

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    Kevin Gilbride, better known as Kevin KillDrive, did a great job as offensive coordinator last Sunday...if you're a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

    If you're a New York Giants fan, you're wondering why this man still has a job in the NFL that doesn't involve providing the players with fresh water. 

    Hand off to Brandon Jacobs, hand off to Jacobs, then another passing play isn't the way to move the chains when your back isn't even averaging two yards a carry. 

    Dropped balls by wide receivers didn't help whenever Eli Manning actually got a chance to pass it, but the majority of the blame goes to...

Tom Coughlin

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    Tom Coughlin needs to step up and take a bigger role for the New York Giants. We get it, you have an old school approach.

    We get it, and your players get it, but you need to make more adjustments during the actual game.

    If Kevin KillDrive doesn't want to adjust the play-calling, force him to.

    If you don't like the way the offensive line is playing, tell Eli Manning to make more adjustments at the line of scrimmage. 

    Coughlin has done a great job so far this year, but he needs to take a more active role if he wants to coach the G-Men in the 2012-2013 season.