WWE Raw: How WWE Made Fatal Mistakes with Both Vignettes on Raw's SuperShow

Cory TemplehofContributor IIINovember 24, 2011

This past Monday Night on Raw’s SuperShow, WWE delivered two vignettes.

One of them, clearly being a return vignette for Kane, seemed to hint toward a return of the mask that Kane let go of back in 2003.

WWE couldn’t have made a bigger mistake by teasing a possible return of The Big Red Machine’s old school mask.

Appearance wise, this will hurt what could be a monumental return for Kane.

Remember when The Undertaker returned "from the grave" at WrestleMania 20? Were any of us digging the returning Deadman’s act with him sporting shorter hair? It just didn’t look right because he wasn’t given enough time to grow his hair out between the time he was “buried” by Mr. McMahon at Survivor Series up until WrestleMania.

Now picture Kane returning with his mask and no hair on his head at all. Did you just cringe?

There is the small chance that Kane has been growing his hair with his time off but it is unlikely that it will be long enough to make him look like his older self. He made it work with long hair and the mask. He again, made it work without the mask and being bald.

If the mask is returning, most fans will be quite happy.

But does Kane really need the mask? I’m not sold on that fact.

The point of getting rid of the mask in the first place was to unleash the inner monster that was hiding behind it for so many years. So, putting the mask back on Kane would defeat that purpose and essentially have him going backwards with his Big Red Monster gimmick.


The end of the promo sees the mask falling to the ground, engulfed in flames, so it is possible that we won’t see the mask return at all.

Then there was the cryptic message, along with the vignette that teases a returning wrestler on January 2nd of 2012.

This return video hints mainly towards one of two people: The Undertaker or Chris Jericho. And there in itself lies the problem.

WWE shot themselves in the foot by giving air time to both Kane’s and the "It Begins" vignettes on the same night. If the Kane video was delayed one or two weeks, people would be saying Kane is the man behind the video rather than Undertaker or Jericho.

With the social media route that WWE took, can we really believe it’s the Undertaker? Can we really picture Taker sitting behind a computer, checking how many hits his itbegins2012 YouTube channel has while he laughs manically?

No we can’t. Why? Because that image has Chris Jericho written all over of it.

If it is Y2J, WWE and Chris Jericho need to do a better job at leading fans in the opposite direction.

It would have helped if the announce team actually acknowledged the message during the Twitter plug. If they noticed it with a hint of fear, it would have led audiences to believe it is The Undertaker and not Chris Jericho.

Going forward with the "It Begins" promos, WWE needs to be more clever with their attempts or the WWE Universe will oust Jericho before the 2nd day of 2012.