UCF vs. UConn: Knights Upset No. 4 Huskies in Potential Big East Rivalry

Joey NelsonCorrespondent INovember 25, 2011

Well, it's a good thing for UCF Knights fans that the football season is a few hours from being over. This season has been a really ugly one and a huge disappointment for a program that Lee Corso labeled as the "best football team no one is talking about."

That was Week 3, and UCF is now praying to finish 5-7. Like I said...not pretty.

But as my dad just put it, "Wow!" The same day UCF's football team closed out its sorry season, the men's basketball team just upset No. 4 Connecticut 68-63.

No one saw that one coming.

With UCF's impending move to the Big East, this win is huge. The Knights (4-1) just knocked off the Huskies (5-1), winners of 16 straight, after overcoming a 17-point hole to come out on top.

UCF's Marcus Jordan and Keith Clanton racked up 20 points each and led UCF on a 17-2 run that put the team up 52-50. Both teams continued to sink shots and fight back and forth, but UCF physically beat the Huskies into the ground for the victory.

Many believe if UCF wants to ever compete in the Big East athletically, it'll have to be through football. But maybe, just maybe, UCF can actually compete in the high-powered, NCAA tourney-dominating Big East.

However, what UCF sports have proven thus far is the second you feel good about them, they seem to let you down.