Amir Khan, Future Pound for Pound Champion

Andrew WhittakerCorrespondent INovember 26, 2011

Amir Khan and hall of fame trainer, Freddie Roach.
Amir Khan and hall of fame trainer, Freddie Roach.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

I write this article as a commentary. 

The reason I'm doing this is because of recent articles I've read, mainly on BoxingNews24, about the state of Amir Khan's career, his chin, heart and skills. I also write it because of his upcoming fight with Lamont Peterson on December 10 in Washington.

First off, Khan has been on the receiving end of criticism from Internet trolls making their 'opinions' heard in the form of ridiculous name-calling such as 'A Mere Con' or 'Queen Khan.' Really original. 

These trolls are quick to point out that he lost in 54 seconds to Breidis Prescott and  took a decent beating against Marcos Maidana in the 10th round of their fight-of-the-year bout in December 2010.

However, it is as obvious to me as it was to the fans, judges and commentators that night that he won; it was close, but he was a few points ahead. I had him on 114-111 when the fight ended.

The Paul McCloskey fight was a stinker, to be honest. I don't even want to comment on the McCloskey camp saying they 'deserve' a rematch. It was clear to everyone that he was severely out-classed that night.

Amir Khan-Zab Judah. It was the perfect fight, the best I've seen from Khan, no doubt. As correctly said by Emmanuel Steward he looked like a full-blown welterweight in there, sizing over Judah.

All in all, Khan comes out better every time he fights and he's looking more confident, bigger and more composed.



The Peterson fight. Both Khan and his trainer, Freddie Roach, have stated that Peterson will be the toughest fight so far. However I don't really believe either of them sincerely thinks so.

Peterson was beaten firmly by Timothy Bradley, who rejected a career-high payday to fight Khan, and was also put down a couple of times by Victor Ortiz, though the fight ended in a draw.

In this fight, Khan will use his long left jab to slow down Peterson. I think he will also be going for the body a lot, as it was a weak point against Ortiz. He will also move around the ring and jump in and out with a pair of the fastest hand combinations boxing has today.

And to be honest, Peterson probably won't have much to answer with: He has decent power, inferior to Khan's though, OK speed, but not anywhere near Khan's.

My fight prediction: Peterson will show a lot of heart in the first few rounds, will slow down in the middle rounds and the fight will either be stopped in the late rounds or result in a clear unanimous decision for Khan.

I usually get a lot of criticism for supporting Amir Khan and being a huge admirer of his talents, but mostly it comes from Americans who wish they had such a good fighter in their own stable. It seems every pay-per-view show on HBO features Mexicans these days, and that has angered some fans.

But please, in time you will appreciate that he is champion for a reason, and I see him rise in the P4P ranks as soon as Manny and Floyd retire.