Jake Delhomme Looks for Chance at Redemption with the Houston Texans

Ryan Duncan@jrydunContributor IIIDecember 1, 2011

HOUSTON - FEBRUARY 1:  Quarterback Jake Delhomme #17 of the Carolina Panthers drops back to pass the ball against the New England Patriots during Super Bowl XXXVIII at Reliant Stadium on February 1, 2004 in Houston, Texas.  The Patriots defeated the Panthers 32-29.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It's the end of November, and there is no team happier about this than the Houston Texans.  After a fantastic start to the season, the Texans have been absolutely abused by Murphy's Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  In the last two weeks, the Texans have lost two starting quarterbacks to injury.

During the Texans' Week 10 matchup against the Buccaneers, Matt Schaub had both his best, and worst game of the season.  Schaub lit up the Tampa defense and posted a 154.9 QB rating, only to suffer a Lisfranc fracture on his right foot, an injury that would place him on the injured reserve for the remainder of the season.

The following week the Texans started former first-round pick Matt Leinart, who was starting his first game since 2009.  Leinart had a solid start against the Jaguars until he too suffered an injury that would end his season.

Despite a serviceable finish by rookie T.J. Yates, the Texans immediately began scouting retirement homes for a backup quarterback.  Last week they brought in veteran quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Jeff Garcia for workouts, ultimately signing Jake Delhomme.

All reports from the Texans' front office indicate that Yates will be their starting quarterback.  With the Texans vying for the No. 1 seed in the AFC and with only a two-game lead in the AFC South, that could change.

Delhomme brings experience to the Houston Texans that T.J Yates and Kellen Clemens simply don't have.  Having been a starter in the NFL for eight seasons, for better or worse, there is little Delhomme has not seen.  He led the Panthers to the playoffs three times, and in 2003, the Panthers fell just short of beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII. 

After an uninspiring finish to his tenure in Carolina, and an even more dreadful year in Cleveland, many are less than impressed with the addition of Delhomme.  Despite mixed emotions from Texans fans, Delhomme could be the perfect fit for this team. 

During most of his time with the Panthers, Delhomme benefited greatly from strong running backs.   Having played with Stephen Davis, Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, it's arguable that he has now inherited the best running-back duo he's ever had. 

Delhomme has always been known as a bit of a gunslinger in the NFL.  His highlight reel of deep passes to Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad are fun to watch for any football fan.  This title doesn't go without consequences as he has frequently been known to throw ill-advised passes.

With Arian Foster and Ben Tate being both dual threats, Delhomme will not be asked to win games with his arm.  Although, given he also has Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, the possibility remains. 

Considering not only the position of the Houston Texans, but their roster itself, Delhomme could not only win games, he could help the Texans continue their run for a Super Bowl.  Should T.J. Yates struggle this week against the Atlanta Falcons, Jake Delhomme could get his chance at redemption.