WWE Making Waves: Could Alberto Del Rio Join with Hunico and Co. Believably?

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIDecember 2, 2011

I think it's safe to say that Alberto Del Rio is in a really bad way.

His debut against Mysterio started out strongly, both on the microphone and in the ring.  To say Del Rio made at least something of an impact is an understatement.  He claimed largely clean victories and showed a vicious enough side to sideline Christian for months.  All in all, he was a strong heel that worked some reliable style for extra heat.

Unfortunately, Del Rio's upward momentum met with far too many roadblocks and most of the credibility he could have gathered for himself as a serious threat to any major title was lost.  Throw in the fact that when new stars go straight for titles, it waters down their characters—and you get a guy in dire straits.

With Sin Cara getting injured at Survivor Series and out for another six months at least, maybe it's safe to say that Mexican wrestlers in WWE are in a bad way.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t sescoops.com), Sin Cara's rival Hunico (formerly Sin Cara Negro) may be starting up a formal stable with Epico and Primo, and that Rosa Mendes, a previously underutilized Diva, may be included. 

However, with Hunico's main rival on the shelf for quite some time, some may wonder if Hunico's stable, which hasn't really gotten off the ground officially, may get scrapped through fear of a lack of interest.

In my opinion, this would be a really bad idea, as the group's strengthening could lend support to a struggling Del Rio.

While Hunico and Company may look like just another band of Mexican thugs, they really haven't explained what their stable stands for.  If we are at least given a re-introduction into who they are and what they aim to accomplish, we may be able to see where they differ from TNA's "Mexican America" stable.

Also reported by Wrestling Observer Newsletter is the possibility that Hunico and Epico may be in line to face the tag team champions, Air Boom, and have a run with the belts. 

Provided they actually win and do it in a decisive manner, Hunico and Company will have accomplished something that Nexus and Corre's members did not: Hold the tag team championships respectably as members of a cohesive group of more than two people.

Thus, if WWE decides to go ahead and push Hunico and Company once Evan Bourne returns from his wellness violation suspension, the stable may have some solid legs to stand on.  But where does that leave Primo? 


Primo has been in the same boat as a popular rising star as of late, Zack Ryder.  Zack is likely moments away from being granted a United States title opportunity against Dolph Ziggler.  Should he finally win the title from Dolph, that would create a perfect feud between him and Primo, which would give both men much needed credibility.

If Primo wins the belt, Zack will have another target to chase after to get his belt back.  If Zack defends successfully after a long back-and-forth bout, he will gain much needed cred points while letting some of his success rub off on a talented star like Primo.  Win-win.

I highly doubt Rosa will be in line for a Divas title nod; however, if Hunico and Epico are tag champs and Primo is chasing a secondary title, shouldn't there be room for a main event-level talent?

Honestly, the relationship between Alberto and Hunico could be one of necessity anyway.  Hunico and Company would love the opportunity to make more money by helping a potential world champion bolster his image and get another opportunity to win a world title.  

I'm sure Del Rio would think very little of Hunico and his ilk during this alliance, but he would still bend his morals and ethics enough to work with them if it meant he would obtain real and effective backup.

Not to mention, if Del Rio insults Hunico and Company enough while they associate, it would create an opportunity for Hunico and the crew to turn face at some point, which is important to building buzz around various characters once they generate enough heat.

In addition, look who Alberto hangs out with now.  Ricardo Rodriguez is basically his only friend.  You have to wonder: If Alberto is willing to ally himself with people who dress like street thugs, would Ricardo be okay with it? 

Maybe Del Rio would become so desperate that he'd be willing to lower himself (in his eyes) to dealing with Hunico's type.  We think Ricardo would feel the same, but in actuality Ricardo could become insulted that Del Rio thinks so little of talented Mexican wrestlers, and would either quit or get himself fired.

It would open the door for Ricardo to establish a new identity all his own.

Not many know that Ricardo once wrestled under a mask and went by the name Chimaera in the CHIKARA promotion, as well as in FCW.  Check out the video of him in action: He lost but didn't put up too poor of a showing.  

Sin Cara may be out for the time being, but if we're busy repackaging "Sin Cara Negro" and Primo with new looks, why not add Ricardo Rodriguez to the mix?

He could be completely repackaged as a surprise ally of Sin Cara when he comes back—could even help Averno if he is officially signed and appears on WWE TV.  Ricardo could end up gaining some prominence himself.

How amazing would it be for Sin Cara and Averno to feud with Alberto, Hunico, Epico and Primo, only to find out that their mystery buddy, Chimaera, was in fact Ricardo the whole time?

And that's just one way they could treat Hunico's stable joining with Alberto. 

Lately, it seems like the conspiracy angle is slowing down a tad, even though I'm convinced that much of it has to do with the way John Cena is being handled and will be handled in the future. 

Thus, if CM Punk, as the WWE Champion, isn't going to feud regularly with Laurinaitis or Nash or Triple H, if Alberto were to join forces with Hunico and Company, Punk would be severely outnumbered and would likely need help. WWE has backup in spades.

If Zack feuds with Primo, how great would a regular Zack/Punk tag team be?  Reports from this site are also indicating that some FCW stars may be given tryouts over the next few weeks to potentially get call-ups to the main roster.

Antoino Cesaro, Seth Rollins and a few others would make great additions to balance Punk's side of the battle against a four-man team with luchador and MMA experience on their belts.

This has success written all over it.  Aside from the potential to put on amazing matchups with various style combinations, look at the other things it would do:

It would make Del Rio relevant again with some much needed heat.

It would give Hunico and his crew some main event-level rub.

Rosa would get TV time (which isn't too hard on the eyes—let's be honest).

Zack Ryder would have some serious drama to insert himself into.

And not only that, but the potential for new faces to be brought up from the regular roster—and new twists on people we think we know—would be greater than ever.

WWE should consider taking these characters down this road.  Giving up on the feud between Punk and Del Rio seems like a good idea, although I still feel like some potential is there to market it if the the ante is effectively raised regularly.

Think about it.

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