SEC Championship Game: Why LSU Losing to Georgia Helps Everyone

Lowell JacksonCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2011

LSU plays Georgia for the SEC Championship tonight.  If the Tigers win they’re in the BCS title game—no muss, no fuss.  If they lose then it’s the BCSpocalypse.

LSU is one of my favorite teams.  I love Death Valley.  I love the corn dogs.  I love the Southern hospitality—almost as much as the Southern Comfort—but I hate the “we’ll fix it on the back-end” BCS more than I love LSU, so the Tigers need to lose.

If LSU loses, I don’t see a way that the powers-that-be can jury-rig the system without screwing a huge SEC program out of a BCS bowl paycheck.  Yeah, it’s all one big happy SEC family until it comes to money. 

If Georgia wins they’ll be a BCS conference champion ranked in the top 15, which means they will have earned an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game, most likely the Sugar Bowl. 

Alabama will presumably be ranked No. 1 and will get a bid to play in the National Championship Game. 

LSU will presumably NOT be ranked No. 1 and will get a trip to the Citrus Bowl or the Champs Bowl or some other off-brand bowl game because there’s a two-team per conference maximum for BCS bowl games.

Geaux Tigers Nation will be cool with that.  Orlando is every bit as much fun as New Orleans.  It won’t be a big deal that Alabama basically got a playoff bye for losing to LSU.  It’s all one big happy SEC family, right?

There’s also the possibility that the voters would leave LSU at No. 1 depending on how the Tigers lost.  Roll Tide Nation will be cool with that. 

Yeah, Bama lost at home to a great defense, but LSU will have lost to Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs, who lost to Boise State at home.  The Gator Bowl is a blast, and Jacksonville has just as many great restaurants and clubs as New Orleans. 

The last option would be for Georgia to do the right thing as a cotton candy SEC East team that got lucky, and step aside. 

Larry Munson wouldn’t roll over in his grave and Herschel Walker wouldn’t freak out and develop a few more personalities if Georgia gave away something they rightfully earned on the field. 

I’m sure the Dawgs wouldn’t have a problem taking less money so Alabama and LSU could have a rematch, along with helping the Tigers and the Tide in recruiting. 

Hunker Down You Hairy Dawg Nation is all about preserving the integrity of the BCS and its mission of getting the two best teams (based entirely on subjective analysis) together for the Championship Game.

I really don’t see how the Bulldogs can stay within three touchdowns of the Tigers tonight, but you never know.  Texas beat Nebraska in the 1996 Big 12 Championship Game.  That set up a rematch, while this will prevent one. 

I want the Dawgs to win so that, maybe, it will be enough to force the BCS to be scrapped.  I don’t care if there’s a playoff or if college football goes back to the old bowl system.  I just can’t stand the “make it up as we go” BCS.