Week 16: From a Vikings' Fan Perspective

Kyle BabcockContributor IDecember 24, 2008

Should I or should I not? That is the question.

Should I go on a rampage about how the Vikings should have won and clinched the division, or should I not?

I won't.

At the same time, there are a few points of interest that come to mind.

First, the performance and emergence of the "new" Tarvaris Jackson, also known as T-Jack, is noteworthy. Personally, I was never impressed at all with the performance of Gus Frerotte. I would have rather had J.D. Booty lead us to battle. But, none of it came true.

Something better did.

With the injury of Frerotte, ironically occurring on an interception he threw against the Lions, the coaching staff, whom I have been critical of, made the obvious choice to temporarily replace Frerotte.

No one knew that it was going to be permanent. I personally thought Gus was faking another injury and would be back in on the next play.

But, nothing of the sort happened.

Well, as I fast forward to week 17, I see a QB who has thrown seven TD passes to zero interceptions. And, by the way, he has a passer rating of only 126.5 since his return.

With last week's loss in the books, I didn't puke when I went home. I didn't tear the Adrian Peterson Fat Head off my wall (I wish I had one.)

I went home and watched some film of Tarvaris Jackson.

Unusual, as usually Coach Childress would have gone back to grandpa by now. But, he didn't.

As I watched game film of T-Jack, I like how when he plays, the defense has to compensate for him by putting a linebacker or safety to spy him. That gives Peterson more running room. It really impresses me. Good job, T-Jack.

Secondly, oh Adrian. All I have to say here: High and tight, baby.

You have the talent, just hold on for dear life in the hole.

It was an overall decent performance by the Vikings. They outplayed the Falcons, but the game is won and lost by turnovers.

With a Chicago OT crap win, we must either beat the Giants, or have a Chicago loss.

Both are likely to occur. It will be an awesome week of football (NFL schedule-makers for MVP).

See you next week, and by the way-side, that's From a Vikings Fan's Perspective.


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