WWE News: Why There Is Not Enough Competition for the US Championship

Richard TilleyContributor IIIDecember 3, 2011

As of now, Dolph Ziggler has held the United States Championship for 168 days and counting.

That might seem impressive, but in actuality it just show how much the WWE does not care about the US Championship.

Dolph has defended his Championship only once, against a now-future-endeavored John Morrison at Survivor Series. That's one title defense in six months.

He has held the title since June 16, and his only competition so far has been someone whose contract was over anyway.

You also can see that the WWE doesn't think mainly of the US Championship since Dolph has been booked in four matches in two pay-per-views.

Compare this to the Intercontinental Title, which has shifted hands between three holders during Dolph's reign and has had a newly redone classical white design.

Cody Rhodes has been great at making the IC Title look significant.

Hopefully the US title will be dropped to Zack Ryder or someone else so that Dolph is no longer booked in two matches per pay-per-view and we actually can have someone defend the title every once in a while.

Or drop the title to Mason Ryan, who deserves a midcard championship reign by now. Or give it to Jack Swagger and see how he does.

Overall, the title needs to be defended more so that Dolph isn't just carrying it around like a Money In The Bank briefcase.

A champion isn't a real champion if he barely defends his title.