Four Reasons Taekwondo Is Better Than American Football

Aku bContributor IDecember 26, 2008

As the title indicates, here are four reasons why the martial art of Taekwondo is a better sport than American football. Let's begin:

1. Discipline

Taekwondo teaches discipline and behavior at the same time as teaching the skill of fighting! Football (American) does not; All it is is a bunch of fat guys slamming into each other for a ball. Yet that's why Americans like it, or the drunk fans, at least.

2. Skill

Please, someone tell me what's the skill in running while holding a ball, trying not to get squashed—there is none. But Taekwondo teaches precision and patience with the benefit of being able to kick ass.

3. Olympics

Taekwondo is in the Olympics because it's good enough for the whole world, yet American football isn't—done and done.

4. Abilities

Taekwondo gives you the ability to fight, be flexible, and gain balance and precision. American football does nothing.

If you agree or disagree, we all know the truth...