AFC West Shootout: The Chargers, the Broncos, and the Officials

Jonnie ForbesCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

The game that the Chargers should have won on Sept. 14 is a moot point right now. All the games they should have, and could have won, are meaningless. The game the Chargers must win will be kicked off at 8:15 pm EST tomorrow.

The disappointment that Chargers fans have endured, read about, and felt in the pit of their collective stomachs, loss after consecutive loss, means nothing now. Destiny is now back in the hands of the Bolts.

The game against Kansas City two weeks ago could only have been scripted by Hollywood to see the Chargers win. The football planets had to line up in such a way to see the Chargers overcome an 11-point deficit with three minutes left.

That's exactly what happened—capped off by the onside kick received and fumbled by Kansas City's Dwayne Bowe and later recovered by Kassim Osgood of the Chargers.

If that's a microcosm, while the Chargers as a team were doing everything they needed to keep drawing air, Broncos opponents were doing the same, denying the win Denver needed to clinch.

Now on primetime Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium the records, the injuries, and the Hochulis will be footnotes for what will prove to be the single-game shootout of the AFC West.