WWE Violence Has an Age Limit, Don't Parents Know That?

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 6, 2011

What would this do to a child?
What would this do to a child?

Those of us who attend WWE events and watch them on TV see this all over: babies and young children in the crowds.

These small children are too young to know what is going on (and are probably not even fans of the shows). When parents subject a baby to the noise, crowds and violence involved in a live show it angers me.

Don’t these people know that the baby’s ears are very sensitive? Or that loud noises can harm children?

I have watched countless WWE events and have seen too many children crying and clinging to their parents because they are afraid of the wrestlers. I am not a parent, but something needs to be done to keep these children out of the arena until they are old enough to realize they don’t need to be afraid.

By the time they are old enough to will know what is going on—and that the wrestlers won’t harm them—they might be actual fans of the program.

Countless children watch the WWE and admire the superstars for their superhuman abilities. Some of these children, who don't understand the dangers of the moves, imitate the wrestlers. They harm themselves and other children.

I believe that kids should be allowed to watch the WWE. It is entertaining. What parents need to do is explain to their kids that what the wrestlers do is not something they should copy.

The WWE needs to set an age limit for those who attend the events. This will not decrease the number of people who attend (if that's the fear). Instead, it will help children stay away from the violence, the noise and the fear of the experience.

The children should be the first thing in a parent’s mind—not the event. This is for the safety and health of the children, who should not be involved in any way with wrestling at the young ages I have seen.

Please take this to heart. Let the WWE know they should set an age limit for those who attend their live events.