WWE Opinion: Unfinished Storylines Are a Constant Occurrence

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 6, 2011

Recently, the WWE has been cutting off storylines and starting new ones. But what if the viewers were into them? Doesn't WWE care?

The main storyline that I am talking about is the Walkout. One week everybody is in an uproar, the WWE Universe is all interested, and the next HHH is relieved of his Raw duties and we move on.

What happened to all the anger surrounding the story? I mean, there could have been much more to this story. Now we have a power-abusing general manager, as we saw when he fired Jim Ross.

Why did Nexus attack Undertaker last year to help Kane win the Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights? The next night on Raw, Otunga threatened to tell why they really attacked Undertaker. After that, we never heard anything about it again. Now they say that Taker is going to come back a year later and seek revenge on Barrett? Come on…

The whole Nexus and Cena storyline went without Cena ever being a real victim of anything. Yet we were made to believe that he was being put through hell by Wade Barrett. This story should’ve begun with Cena wearing the black and yellow and ended with him being fired by Barrett. So why didn’t they do that to him?

The WWE writers have a difficult job and I understand that sometimes you get writer’s block. But they have been through college to become creative writers and were hired because of it. Every story can’t always be about Cena and every title match should not always involve him. They may need to get other people to write for them or start taking advice from the fans.