Broncos Sign Sammy Winder, Gerald Willhite to the Practice Squad

Scott GollContributor IDecember 28, 2008

In preparation for the inevitable injury to Tatum Bell and at least one other newly-signed-from-practice-squad running back in tonight's pivotal Broncos-Chargers Week 17 match-up, Denver has reportedly signed veteran RB's Sammy Winder and Gerald Willhite.

While there is no guarantee the Broncos will make the playoffs, Mike Shanahan wanted to be prepared for a possible first-round matchup with the Indianapolis Colts, by having a veteran presence in the backfield.

Winder and Willhite, both 49-year-olds, played for the Broncos in the 1980's and were staples of the running game in the early Elway years.

"Sammy and Gerald are quality players, quality people, and will provide leadership in the locker room," said Shanahan. "I believe, if called upon, they will do the job.  At 300 pounds, each will be able to move the pile a-la Peyton Hillis, and I'm pretty sure Willhite can still do a back-flip, which is sure to inspire the team."

An unnamed source has confirmed that Steve Sewell, Bobby Humphrey, and Derek Loville, all have pending offers to join the practice squad, should Winder or Willhite meet their untimely demise due to natural causes, prior to next week's potential playoff game.

In other news, with Champ Bailey's groin still gimpy, the Broncos have reached out to Le-Lo Lang to feel out his interest in a return to the NFL.