Kellen Moore Denied Chance To Win Heisman Trophy

Timothy HunsakerContributor IDecember 9, 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November. . .
Remember, remember the 5th of November. . .Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Five invitations were given for the upcoming Heisman Trophy ceremony. Each invite goes to an exceptional athlete in NCAA Div. I football.

  • Andrew Luck—QB, Stanford
  • Robert Griffin III—QB, Baylor
  • Trent Richardson—RB, Alabama
  • Montee Ball—RB, Wisconsin
  • Tyrann Mathieu—CB, LSU

It’s tough for me not to notice that Boise State’s own Kellen Moore doesn't happen to be on the invitation list. How can his incredible abilities be so overlooked?

When I imagine a Heisman Trophy winner, I think of a football player with remarkable talents that is able to get the job done under any circumstances. Kellen Moore at least deserves to be a contender in that race.

I keep hearing people tell me that his notability is lessened by Boise State’s schedule. Give me a break!

Allow me to list some of the teams that Kellen Moore and the Broncos have put to shame over his career: Oregon, Virginia Tech, Georgia, TCU, SMU and many other respected teams.

Nobody is saying that the Broncos could beat LSU. But neither can Baylor or Stanford, both of which have quarterbacks that stand as Heisman contenders.

Schedule aside, the numbers don’t lie.

Kellen Moore has set multiple records over his career. Has it gone completely unnoticed that this season he passed Colt McCoy as the winningest quarterback in NCAA history? 49-3! Moore holds a winning record of 94 percent.

Second place for active quarterbacks is Andrew Luck with 83.3 percent. Kellen Moore has beaten every team that he has played against aside from TCU and Nevada. Every team. Not to mention that each loss was due to a would-be-but-missed game-winning field goal.

Do those words even sink into the critics?

Kellen Moore has never had a season with fewer than 3,400 passing yards, while Andrew Luck has never had a season that touches that.

He has shown his reliability through his currently held NCAA record for the lowest percentage of passes intercepted in a season at .7 percent. His passing rating exceeds any of the other quarterbacks contending for the Heisman.

Moore has had his chances at the Heisman overlooked because of one plain and simple fact: He’s in Boise.

Because BSU is not part of the good ole’ boys network that some call the BCS, he loses his invitation to the Heisman. Moore stands as one of the smartest and most diverse quarterbacks ever to play college football.

ESPN’s Mike Bellotti called Kellen Moore a AAA bond: Awareness, Anticipation and Accuracy. Each of these terms describes a young man that I believe is hands-down the one that will get the job done through his peak performance under pressure. His unparalleled accuracy and ability to anticipate the defense sets him apart from any other quarterback.

Moore has shown on multiple occasions that he is not only smart and accurate, but extremely diverse.

Although he does his best in the pocket with his classic 60-yard passes, Moore has acted as a receiver, a punter and in some cases, a scrambler. He’ll be whatever he needs to be to get that ball where he wants it.

Along with his intelligent and diverse playing, Kellen Moore has a classy style and humble attitude through all of his success.

Perhaps he isn’t the best athlete in college football, but he certainly should not have been denied the invitation to be.