In The End, Brett Favre Trade Cost The Jets and Patriots a Trip to The Playoffs

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IDecember 28, 2008

In the end, the Brett Favre trade cost both the Jets and the Patriots a trip to the playoffs.

Brett Favre, thanks for nothing. Again. I hate you.

Favre once again led the league in interceptions. He once again played like a wounded dog in December. He once again made more stupid plays than smart ones in the games that matter.

The Patriots are going to be sitting at home next week because Brett Favre and the New York Jets couldn’t get the job done.

What a pathetic display of football by the junior team from New York. They screwed up kicks. They threw bad interceptions. They dropped easy interceptions.

They played like a team that has a terrible head coach and a quarterback that even the 1985 Bears wouldn’t have been good enough to overcome.

Meanwhile, Chad Pennington continued to play solid football. I understand that hindsight is 20-20, but the Jets would have been 1-3 wins better if they had Pennington instead of Favre. Jets fans who make arguments otherwise are, well, wrong.

I understand that he’s had trouble running the Jets’ offense in the past, but his arm is clearly better this season. And more importantly, he’s smart. Give him a good offensive line and a few play making receivers (especially receivers who love to play for him like Coles) and he would have been as good, if not better than he was this season.

Chad Pennington will get MVP votes. Brett Favre tarnished his legacy. Or he would have, if the media weren’t too busy kissing his butt to notice the interceptions and the not giving his team a chance to win multiple times this season.

Next year, the Jets will have a new QB. They may have a new coach. But if there’s a God, I won’t have to root for that team ever again.

They’re like the Pete Carroll Patriots, except they wear green and have less overall talent.

And another thing, Aaron Rodgers was better this season. If the Packers had traded him to the Jets instead of Favre, the Jets would be in the playoffs right now.

For that matter, the Patriots might have been as well…

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