WWE: How Can Monday Night Raw Escape Its Recent Ratings Funk?

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 9, 2011

Many of us have our own opinions about the WWE and its programming. Some of us think it is the best it has ever been while others disagree.

According to the ratings, it has been nothing but pleasant success for the Monday Night Raw crew.

A few years ago, WWE attempted to raise its ratings by adding celebrity guest hosts into the mix. As you can see, that idea was short-lived and didn't assist the company at all.

The dominant occurrence we see now is that of the Raw SuperShow where Raw and SmackDown superstars share the same locker room and ring. This attempt at raising the ratings does not seem to be the answer either.

According to a review by PWInsider.com, Monday's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw scored a 3.2 rating, with 4,483,000 viewers. It what has become a regular trend, the show dropped in hour two. The first hour did a 3.33 rating and hour two did a 3.07 rating.

I agree that the joining of the rosters seems to be a wonderful idea, but maybe it’s just the thought of having to watch Raw that turns people away from it. The ways that the WWE could improve its ratings are simple if it would only listen to its audience.


Make John Cena a Heel

For the years that John Cena has been with WWE, he has always been in some ways a face superstar. He began his career as a punk rapper, taking on talent such as The Undertaker. But then, he began to transform into the fan favorite superhero he is today. The ‘golden boy’ image is getting old—make it interesting by changing his character.


Mix It Up

I know that there are rivalries in the WWE and these superstars face each other till their differences are settled. At times, it does get a little tiring seeing the same superstars contend week after week. I say we need to bring out the superstars and divas who are never in the ring. Allow them to contend with top stars to show their abilities.


Stop With All the Chatter

Monday Night Raw begins with its theme song and video. The blast of the fireworks and the introduction by the commentators is what you hear. Then, we are greeted by a superstar in the ring and he is holding a microphone. This could go on as a conversation between him and the audience or he could be joined by others.

No matter what, it turns out to be it is always 20 minutes of talking before we actually see a fight. Put the microphone away and let’s actually see two hours of fights!


The Divas

The Divas division is a complete joke these days. They are ex-models and many of them do not have prior wrestling experience. Only a few of them belong in the ring and the others should learn or get out.

The Divas are no longer chosen for their in-ring abilities but for their outer appearance. Their entrances are longer than their matches and we see the same girls “fight” every week. There are other girls in the back who deserve the chance at the title—let’s change the rivalries.

I say choose women who can give us all a competitive show or release them as a whole.


Interim General Manager

For my final way, I chose the general manager. John Laurinaitis is the interim GM of Raw and he needs to go away. The fans have only negative reactions towards him every time they see his face. Even though he has made some great matches happen, he is a very boring man to listen to. He is not the man fans want out there.

Basically, they need a replacement for Mr. Laurinaitis, and soon.


These ideas may never reach the WWE and some may not think they would help, but they are things that need to be revised. For now, we keep wishing for all sorts of change in the WWE, but only the WWE can do a thing about it.