Detroit Lions Getting Sacked to 0-16

Luke ChampionContributor IDecember 28, 2008

The Detroit Lions is the first team in football history to go 0-16. Surely, everyone would of thought that the poor team could of at least won one. Last year, the Miami Dolphins went 1-15 with their last game with a win at home.

The Lions lost most of their games to a compete blow-out. Yet, some of them were lost by a touchdown or field goal. At the end of the year the Lions only managed 220 first downs and there opponents had approximately 338 first downs. In fact, the Lions total stats were about half of their opponent.

I believe that the Lions did deserve their 0-16 season. They had extremely poor offense, defense, and special teams the whole season. That would explain they're 0-16 season. Leading the NFL in sacks the Lions offensive line, and Jon Kitna could not find a rhythm. The whole team just could not get on a rhythm and that is why they suffered a great loss in the season.